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By Mike Johnson on 2017-09-29 10:00:00 has confirmed with multiple sources that a decision was made to hold off on the WCW Thunder series being added to the WWE Network.  We were not able to 100% confirm why but it is likely because of the ongoing legal issues with Buff Bagwell and Scott Levy suing the company regarding the company not paying royalties on WWE Network material for content that talents would receive royalties for if it was released via physical media, such as DVDs.  I speculated on this in an article earlier this week and this morning, confirmed the company specifically made a decision to not release Thunder (which is 100% ready to go, we are told) and instead release World Class Championship Wrestling episodes instead.  WCCW was already slated to be the October "classic content" and we are told that the Network will be promoting the WCCW drop with an "Everything Bigger in Texas" theme.

Sunday Night Heat, which was slated to be added before the end of the year, is also now on the backburner, we are told.

Paul Jordan sent the following:

Asuka: The Undefeated Empress - WWE Network Collection sneak peek:

This collection will be added this Monday.

Also coming in October is a Hell in a Cell WWE Network Collection and new "Classic Content". It's interesting to note that the original preview listed a collection "The Corporate Stooges: Brisco and Patterson" but now that is nowhere to be found.

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