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By Mike Johnson on 2017-09-24 15:53:00

The National Wrestling Alliance era under Billy Corgan's ownership will officially kick off on 10/1.  

All of the member promotions who had licenses to use the NWA initials and branding under the company's Bruce Tharpe ownership will end the day before.  Going forward as of 10/1, the NWA will be whatever it is deemed to be under Corgan and Dave Lagana's leadership.

As part of that transition, the NWA On Demand streaming service will be shutting down.  This a by-product of Corgan's purchasing Tharpe's interest in the Paul Boesch Houston territory library.  The ownership of the library still remains with the Boesch family but Corgan will have the ability to control the library going forward.

As part of the new regime, NWA champion Tim Storm appeared at last night's Championship Wrestling Hollywood taping in California, doing an angle where Nick Aldis confronted him.  That is the first time the NWA title has been featured in CWH since Tharpe took ownership of the NWA organization.  Marquez had formerly been a huge cheerleader for the NWA brand and title and had been the core promotion that built the Adam Pearce vs. Colt Cabana feud that was chronicled in the Seven Levels of Hate documentary.

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