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By Mike Johnson on 2017-09-23 10:48:00

73 year old Terry Funk returned to the ring last night, teaming with the Rock N' Roll Express against the Memphis-centric trio of Jerry Lawler, Brian Christopher and Doug Gilbert for Big Time Wrestling at the Dorton Arena in Raleigh.   

As you might expect given the talents involved, it was something of a chaotic trainwreck, according to several readers who sent in details.   There was a lot of crazy Funk schenanigans, including Funk pulling Brian Christopher's belt off and beating him with it, leading to Christopher's pants falling down as Funk beat him.  They were all over the place and at some point, the bell just rang with Funk's team being named the winners by DQ because Lawler attacked a referee.

The chaos continued with Funk piledriving Lawler and then beating and piledriving a trio of referees.  Depending on who you ask, it was either an entertaining carwreck or just a carwreck.   The show ended with Funk thanking the fans for giving "an old fart" new life. 

We are told that the show drew in the area of 900 fans, which was down from the promotion's previous visit to Dorton.

BTW will run Spartanburg , SC tonight with the same six man tag team main event.  For more details on the BTW events, click here.


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