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By Mike Johnson on 2017-09-22 17:23:00

One of the aspects of the WWN vs. FloSports lawsuit over the last 24 hours has been the allegation that WWN falsified information in order to get a better deal out of the streaming service, which earlier today, informed WWN that they would not carry the EVOLVE events this weekend.

The FloSlam streaming service officially launched in October 2016, but is told by sources that conversations with WWN began as early as January 2016.  At that point, FloSlam was hoping to make deals with WWN, Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling.  In the end, WWN signed with FloSports first and the other two companies passed.

When FloSports came to WWN, they requested data regarding their iPPV buys.  We are told that at the time, WWN had just left one hosting company, Fine Line Hosting and moved to another, as they were in the process of building a new website at and were shifting everything over to the new server.  The previous hosting company not only deleted the servers but shut down entirely as the company went out of business.   WWN had to scramble to track down the data and provided it to FloSports

It should be noted that there have been some insane numbers floated in the last few days, including the idea that WWN was bringing in 5,000 iPPV orders per show, which would equate to something in the area of a $75,000 profit per show.  Unless we see hard data over the course of the court case that proves WWN provided that insane number to FloSports, I would be shocked that is the case for several reasons.  One, that would mean the company gave up $150,000 per month in revenue and development of their own website in order to sign with FloSports to produce five shows a month for far less money per show.  The math doesn't add up and WWN officials would have had to have been insane to give up that sort of money and momentum. has been told that in actuality, in 2016, WWN (on average) was doing in the area of 1,300 iPPV buys for EVOLVE, 600-700 for SHINE and less than 200 buys for FIP events while selling those events. The year before, which they also provided to FloSports, those numbers were lower and the EVOLVE numbers were said to have been way up from the year before because WWE was promoting that brand. 

Sources close to the company are adamant that correct information was given to FloSports and that this is an attempt by the streaming service to break the contract, which has another 12-15 months on it until a period where the two sides can determine if they are going to continue moving forward.   Obviously, the truth will come out in the legal proceedings.  Until the hard evidence pops up, all that is really out there is speculation and that speculation, when you sprinkle some logic on it, doesn't add up to much in the way of common sense.  If WWN provided those ridiculous numbers to FloSports and FloSports didn't do its due dilligence before offering a deal, well, one has to wonder why they didn't.

WWN sources claim that after the company provided numbers to FloSports, they, within 24 hours, were presented with an offer to create content for the streaming service, which they quickly agreed to because it was a great offer for the company.  [Update 8 PM: We are told that WWN actually took a week to accept the offer as they initially went to WWE to see whether WWE instead wanted EVOLVE on the WWE Network, given their relationship.]

At that point, they bumped up from running 2-3 shows a month to five, as FloSports wanted that much material., in asking around, was told there was no contractual obligation from WWN for anything beyond providing the content (which had been provided in the form of the EVOLVE, ACW, Style Battle, SHINE and FIP promotions) and producing that content for FloSports, so FloSports did not have to have anyone on their end doing production.  We are also told there was also nothing in the contract that would have led to penalties for WWN if they did not perform at a certain level, which if that's the case, seems pretty insane from FloSport's perspective.

The timeline of the data issue, is told, is that six months ago, FloSports came seeking additional information on WWN's iPPV numbers prior to WWN migrating to FloSports service.  WWN tracked down the owner of the former hosting company who provided all information that he had.  FloSports returned asking for additional information that neither the former host nor WWN had and were told as such.  

One source stated that FloSports was looking for time stamped information regarding orders on the old WWNLive streaming site, which we are told that, based on the makeup of the site, the old host never recorded.  As an aside, when that site existed,, like many other sites, had an affiliate link and when we looked up orders, it would list the name of the user who signed up through the link and a list of the shows that user ordered, but had no time stamped information beyond when that user signed up for the account. 

As one might imagine, it has been a stressful week for WWN.  We are told the company had no idea anything was amiss until they were informed of the lawsuit, which they were informed of while in the middle of producing last week's SHINE broadcast, the first of three live shows that they were producing for FloSports. 

We are also told that yesterday, FloSports indicated to WWN that they wanted to continue the relationship (and there have been some negotiations over the last week, although none led to any agreement) yet today, they instead pulled all the programming.  As noted earlier, as of right now, FloSports has stopped paying WWN for the content created in July, August and now September, which is obviously going to put a financial hurting on the company.

What is most mind-boggling about pulling the live programming is that FloSports has now let down their own paying subscribers by not providing what had been advertised to them.    The events have been pulled down and as a paid FloSports subscriber, I can tell you that no announcement was made to their mailing list or via their platforms as to why the scheduled EVOLVE shows have disappeared from the schedule.

WWN, meanwhile, has decided they will air this weekend's show on their website, offering them for $10 each.  If you provide documentation that you are a current FloSlam subscriber, you can order the shows for $5 each.  Since WWN was not ready to set up and accept orders for the iPPVs on their website at such a late juncture, the shows have to be ordered via direct links.  That information is embedded below.

Obviously, this is going to get a lot worse before it gets any better.  We are told WWN will be filing a counter-suit next week.

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