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By Mike Johnson on 2017-09-22 15:28:00 has learned from multiple sources that FloSports has informed WWN that this weekend's EVOLVE events will not be carried by FloSports, which means in all likelyhood, either will be any future events.  We are told WWN officials were told just minutes ago and are deciding their next course of action.  EVOLVE is slated to run events in Michigan and Illinois tonight and tomorrow. was told earlier today that FloSports had informed employees slated to travel to the events that they were not to go to EVOLVE and work the shows.

As noted over the last 24 hours, Flosports has filed a lawsuit against WWN, alleging they provided false data when negotiating their deal with FloSports.  WWN intends to counter-sue.  

It would appear that one of the things WWN will be suing for is breach of contract as we are hearing the company had been previously informed by FloSports that the streaming service was going to withhold payments for WWN's content that were due from July 2017 on.  That would mean that WWN (which bumped up to running five shows a month as part of their contract with Flosports) was now in the bag for all of the July and August events they produced for the service without getting paid for that content, just as they will not be paid for the now-cancelled broadcasts this week.

WWN and FloSports announced a five year agreement in October 2016, but sources indicate that after 24 months, there was an option to end the agreement.  That point would be 15 months away, according to sources and it is believed that the lawsuit may have been filed so Flosports can get out of the agreement with WWN or potentially strong-arm them into taking a lesser deal.

I am working on additional details of the WWN-FloSports situation as you read this.  Stay tuned.



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