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By Mike Johnson on 2017-09-18 16:32:00

Jim Cornette, who debuted at the last set of Impact Wrestling tapings as a corporate advisor for Anthem Media (in storyline) is already done with the promotion.

With the announcement that the Bound for Glory PPV and subsequent TV tapings would be held in Ottawa this November, Cornette informed Impact officials that he would not be coming to the tapings, as he is unable to get into Canada.

In 2010, Cornette was turned away from the Canadian border en route to producing a Ring of Honor event, with the border officials citing Cornette's past criminal record, made up of assault charges and arrests from 1980s pro wrestling fan interactions and fights.  Cornette has not stepped foot in the country since.  You can hear his version of the story, from his podcast, below:

In speaking with this afternoon, Cornette noted it was not a bad parting of the ways and it was something he chose to prevent himself and the company any issues at the Canadian border.  It was not a cause and effect deal involving the Jeff Jarrett situation and Cornette has offered to film material that would allow the company to write him out of storylines if needed.  With Canada being the location of Impact going forward, Cornette made a "happy exit."

"If and when the company returns to the contiguous 48 States," Cornette told  "I will be happy to revisit this booking, "

So, as long as the company is filming in Canada, Cornette is done, but if and when they return to the United States, the door is open, at least a crack.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer initially broke the Cornette exit story.

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