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By Mike Johnson on 2017-09-18 14:09:00

In several media releases issued today, Anthem Media is once again referring to their wrestling company as Impact Wrestling, not Global Force Wrestling. has requested comment on the change, but thus far, has not received a response.

As previously noted on when Jeff Jarrett took his leave of absence, the announced "merger" between the two sides had not actually been completed.  It would appear with today's announcements that the GFW name will fade away and remain, potentially, a separate entity should Jeff Jarrett opt to run GFW events on his own.

Anthem had been in the middle of running One Night Only PPVs utilizing the GFW Amped! TV footage that had been filmed but not utilized prior to Jeff Jarrett's return to Impact.   Whether they continue on that path or drop those shows (which had two remaining PPVs to air) remains to be seen.

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