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By Mike Johnson on 2017-09-13 11:19:00

As we reported last night on, the Global Wrestling Network launched last night, except it really didn't.  While we heard from scores of readers that the streaming service had launched, what had actually happened is GFW made the service live as they were tweaking the infrastructure, making it possible for those who visited the site to begin streaming and watching all the content - for free.  We are told that it was not meant to be a public launch in any way but that they were working on preparing the site for launch.  The problem was, they didn't put the work behind a wall so that fans couldn't access the site.  Once the company realized that word was getting around that the site was being used and that it was being reported it was live and operational, they shut down the entire thing.

We are told there are still plans to do a Hall of Fame ceremony on 11/4 in Orlando.

The latest GFW Amped! PPV will air this Friday on PPV providers and Fite.  Promotional material for the PPV notes "Global Force Wrestling Amped Anthology Part 2 emanates from the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas. Calling the action is none other than legendary MMA fighter and podcast mogul Chael Sonnen and international ring announcer Cyrus Fees. This month our tournament action continues with superstars like Chris Adonis, Brian Myers, Robert Roode, Eric Young, and Shelton Benjamin taking center stage. Who will move on to fight for the Global Championship as IMPACT Wrestling Presents ONO: GFW Amped Anthology Part 2"  The show will air over all traditional PPV carriers as well as the Fite app.  You can download the Fite App for free for your cell phone or mobile device by clicking here.    The App can be streamed from your phone to Samsung smart TVs as well as Roku devices. The app is HIGHLY recommended by yours truly and is free to download as well with tons of weekly free programming, including ROH TV.

Serg Salinas, the husband of Dixie Carter, who oversaw all of the music for the company when it was owned by Panda Energy and Impact Ventures LLC is now working as a voiceover artist.

Paul Jordan sent along the following videos:

LAX Ready for oVe to Arrive in Tijuana | #FirstLook IMPACT September 14th, 2017

Jeff Jarrett Makes Bobby Roode vs. Eric Young | #AMPEDAnthology Part 2 Friday on Pay Per View

GFW are now selling Johnny Impact and Eli Drake T-shirts.

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