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By Mike Johnson on 2017-09-12 18:25:00

Global Force Wrestling's Global Wrestling Network officially went live this evening at this link

A video narrated by Josh Mathews lists the streaming service at $5.99 a month, promising that cost includes archived GFW/Impact/TNA content, discounts on live PPV events, discounts on merchandise, material from international partner promotions "coming soon" and an ad-free experience.

Currently listed on the service are old episodes of Impact Wrestling, old TNA PPVs from 2004-2017, old One Night Only PPVs, both season of British Bootcamp, the Unfinished Business PPV series, the TNA Legends series and the TNA Greatest Matches series.  No sign yet of Xplosion.

The network is currently available via iOS and Android stores.  Mathews' narration promises that the service is "coming soon" to Roku, X-Box and FireTV.

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