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By Mike Johnson on 2017-09-12 17:08:00

GFW star and former WWE developmental talent Thomas "Bram" Latimer took to social media to respond to a scheduled booking for Ireland's Over the Top Rope Wrestling being canceled after fans complained he was going to be used on the show due to past legal issues.

In a posting on Twitter, Latimer reiterated that the domestic violence charges against him 2015 were dropped and stated that he was "falsely accused" in that instance by someone attempting to hurt his reputation and his career.  His complete statement can be read below in the embedded tweet:

Latimer was arrested on 8/30/15 in Gulfport, Florida and charged with one count of domestic battery by strangulation as well as one count of false imprisonment after authorities responded to calls of a large argument at Latimer's co-op.  Although arresting officers reported in their arrest report that Latimer admitting holding down the victim by her throat and refusing to let her leave a bedroom, Latimer plead not guilty to all charges.

Latimer was suspended indefinitely by TNA Impact Wrestling the next day and remained suspended until October 2015 when the Prosecutor declined to press charges.  

At the time, Latimer's attorney, Brandon M. Daniels, told, "Our office is pleased to announce that Mr. Latimer's case has been successfully resolved, resulting in a decision by the State Attorney's office whereby they have declined to prosecute our client on the aforementioned charges.  Our office has always maintained that once the entirety of the facts, evidence and witness statements are brought forth, our client would be exonerated of the allegations."

In today's statement, Latimer reiterated that he had never been violent towards a woman, but admitted he was guilty of poor choices when it came to the company he's kept in the past.  Latimer said he takes responsbility for his own bad decisions in the past, including being "a drunken idiot" but remained steadfast that he never commited an act of violence against any woman.

In his statement, Latimer blamed the loss of the bookings on fans who think they know better but cannot differentiate between Latimer the person and Bram the character causing trouble.    Latimer closed out writing that he hoped "none of the social justice warriors calling for my head never get falsely accused of something that never goes away."

Thanks to Eric Sturrock.

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