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By Mike Johnson on 2017-09-12 16:39:00

GFW Creative team member John "Big" Gaburick confirmed during this afternoon's media conference call that former WWE and GFW champion Alberto el Patron would be returning to the company, finally, as of the 11/4 Bound for Glory PPV and the subsequent TV tapings to follow at Universal Studios Orlando.

"We have plans for Alberto," said Gaburick.  "We're excited that he's gonna be coming back at Bound For Glory."

There had been talk of Patron wrestling Jeff Jarrett at that PPV, but with Jarrett taking a leave of absence from the company, that plan is obviously no longer the direction for Patron's return to company storylines.

Patron has not appeared for GFW since their June TV tapings after the Orlando Airport incident involving girlfriend (and WWE star) Paige.   That led to GFW stripping Patron of their championship and suspending him this past July.

Local authorities determined after an investigation that Patron was actually the victim in the incident, yet GFW kept him under the suspension, long after Patron was cleared of any wrongdoing.  Orlando authorities also determined they could charge Paige with domestic battery violence but the Prosecutor opted not to do so, in part because Patron declined to press charges against her.

While there had been expectations that Patron would be returning to GFW, it was not until this afternoon that anything was officially confirmed.    Patron had stated last month that "all was clear" for him to return to the company. 

Patron wrestled over the weekend for Championship Wrestling from Hollywood in advance of a TV clearance that will see that promotion syndicated over 100 CW affiliate stations nationally.

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