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By Richard Trionfo on 2017-09-12 16:17:00

We begin with a look at the Kingdom’s attack on Jay Briscoe a few weeks ago.

We are in Atlanta, Georgia and your announcers are Ian Riccaboni and Marty Scurll.

Bully Ray makes his way to the ring and he has something to say. 

Bully says he has accomplished a lot of things in his career.  This is the first time that he is in Atlanta with Ring of Honor.  Ring of Honor has been around for 15 years and he says he was a fan from day one.  He was asked what he wanted to do when he came to Ring of Honor and he said that he wanted to be part of the Briscoes team since they were the greatest tag team in Ring of Honor History.

Bully talks about things being a little weird with Jay Briscoe.  They have one goal.  At Death Before Dishonor, Bully Ray and the Briscoes will be on the same page.  They will beat the Kingdom and then win back the Six Man Tag Team Titles.

We see footage of the Young Bucks and Adam Page winning the Six Man Tag Titles in the UK.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a look at the problems that developed between Will Ferrara and Cheeseburger.

Match Number One:  Cheeseburger versus Will Ferrara

Ferrara attacks Cheeseburger from behind but Cheeseburger with an elbow drop.  Ferrara with an Irish whip and then Cheeseburger with a mule kick to Ferrara.  Ferrara goes to the apron and he thinks about suplexing Cheeseburger to the floor but Cheeseburger with a forearm and then he hits a pescado onto Ferrara and follows with a double stomp off the apron.

They return to the ring and Ferrara with a waist lock but Cheeseburger with a standing switch.  Ferrara runs Cheeseburger into the top rope and he clotheslines Cheeseburger.  Ferrara with a knee drop to the arm.  Ferrara with a cobra clutch on Cheeseburger.  Cheeseburger with a forearm and he sends Ferrara to the apron.  Ferrara pulls Cheeseburger onto the apron and he hits a DDT on the apron.
We go to commercial.

We are back and Ferrara kicks Cheeseburger to the mat but Cheeseburger with a rolling palm strike that knocks Ferrara to the floor from the turnbuckles.  Cheeseburger with a knee to the temple and then he hits a running back elbow and he puts Ferrara in the turnbuckles.  Cheeseburger with a double knee strike and a springboard senton for a near fall. 

Cheeseburger sets for the palm strike but Ferrara blocks it and he slams Cheeseburger but Cheeseburger with a rollup for a near fall.  Cheeseburger avoids Ferrara and then Ferrara catches Cheeseburger but Cheeseburger gets to his feet.  Cheeseburger with a rolling elbow and a Saito suplex and bridge for a near fall.  Cheeseburger with an ankle lock and Ferrara is able to escape.  Ferrara misses a clothesline and Cheeseburger with a rollup for a near fall.  Ferrara with a double leg take down and he tries to use the ropes for extra leverage but Cheeseburger kicks out.  Cheeseburger with a kick but Ferrara with a Codebreaker followed by a flatliner for a near fall.

Ferrara spits on Cheeseburger but Cheeseburger blocks a kick and he spits in Ferrara’s face and connects with forearms.  Ferrara with a back elbow but Cheeseburger with a flatliner and super kick followed by a Dragon suplex.  Cheeseburger with a tombstone piledriver for a near fall.  Cheeseburger goes up top and hits a double stomp and Ferrara gets his foot on the rope to stop the count.  Ferrara backs Cheeseburger into the turnbuckles and they go to the turnbuckles.  Cheeseburger goes for a tornado DDT but Ferrara holds on to the ropes.  Ferrara with a hammer lock clothesline and then he chokes out Cheeseburger.

Winner:  Will Ferrara

After the match, Ferrara returns to the choke and Rhett Titus comes to the ring.  Ferrara attacks Cheeseburger and then Titus joins in.  Both men attack Cheeseburger.

We go to Caprice Coleman and the Pulpit.  He says they finally see that Caprice Coleman that he is capable of holding a show. 

We go to commercial.

Match Number Two:  Silas Young (with Beer City Bruiser) versus Chase Brown

They lock up and Young with a side head lock and shoulder tackle.  Young with chops to Brown.  Young with an Irish whip and Brown gets his boot up when Young charges into the corner but Brown moves and hits a monkey flip.  Young with a forearm and they go back and forth until Young gains the advantage.  Young with a back breaker followed by a clothesline.

Young with forearms to the back but Brown with a boot to the head and a second boot.  Young with a knee to the head followed by Misery for the three count.

Winner:  Silas Young

After the match, Young punches Brown as the referee points to Young to stop.

Jay Lethal goes to the ring but security tries to separate them but it does not work. 

Young leaves the ring and Lethal gets on the mic.

Lethal says that Silas is taking things out on other people when it is between them.  Jay says that since they are both here, why wait until Death Before Dishonor.  Lethal wants Young to come to the ring.

Silas tells the Golden Boy that you are so used to getting everything that you want and everything handed to you on a silver platter.  He has beaten Jay in every type of match they have had.  He can beat Jay’s ass now, but he is waiting for Pay Per View for everyone to see it live.   He wants the Ring of Honor front office to see it live to see that he is the one who should be getting the opportunities that Jay has gotten.  It will be Last Man Standing, or maybe it should be called Last Real Man Standing.

We go to Cody Rhodes who is being asked about Minoru Suzuki.  Cody says his thoughts are lots of gratitude.  Cody says you should be thanking him because he will not be asking the interviewer to kiss his ring.  He says he is ready and he has trained for Suzuki.  He is asked about having someone as dangerous as Suzuki to answer his challenge.  Cody asks if the interviewer knows who he is.  After the match with Suzuki, the qualifiers will be attached to his name.  He tells the interviewer to kiss his ring.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Dalton Castle is in the back in Edinburgh and the Bullet Club stop by to rub it in about his title loss.  We see Cody Rhodes attack Dalton from behind after Scurll, Page, and the Young Bucks leave.  The attack goes outside and Cody calls Castle a ‘novelty act’.

We take a look at the card for Death Before Dishonor and we get some comments from the participants in some of the matches.

Match Number Three:  Jonathan Gresham, Alex Shelley, Jay White, and Chris Sabin versus Tama Tonga, Tonga Loa, Matt Jackson, and Nick Jackson

Gresham and Nick start things off and Nick wants a test of strength but he holds his hand too high for Gresham.  He changes hands to mess with Gresham and he pokes Gresham in the eyes.  Nick with an Irish whip but Gresham floats over and Gresham hits a slingshot head scissors followed by a drop kick to send Nick to the floor.  Matt pulls Gresham to the floor and White hits a suicide dive onto Matt.  Gresham with a suicide dive onto Nick.

Tama and Loa attack Gresham and White and then they knock Shelley and Sabin off the apron.  They punch White and Gresham and follow with stereo neck breakers.  Shelley with a knee to Tama and a front face lock.  Shelley grabs Loa as well and Sabin with an enzuigiri to the back of Loa’s head to lead into a flatline and DDT combination by Shelley.  Shelley with a slingshot to the apron and then Sabin hits a suicide dive onto Loa and Tama.  Nick with a springboard drop kick to Shelley and then Nick with a drop kick to Sabin to knock him off the apron.  Matt and Nick with suicide dives onto Sabin and Shelley.  Loa sends White and Gresham into each other and Nick does the same for Sabin and Shelley.  Matt goes off the stage and hits a plancha onto everyone, including his partners.

Nick misses a super kick and Matt misses a clothesline.  Gresham with a rana to Matt but Nick with a kick to Gresham.  Gresham with a quebrada onto Nick and a suicide dive to Matt.  White with a brainbuster to Nick and Gresham goes up top and tries for a shooting star press but Nick is pulled out of the way and Tama hits a cutter.  Matt super kicks Shelley off the apron and then he does the same to Sabin.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Nick kicks Gresham and they knock the rest of Gresham’s team off the apron.  Gersham with an elbow to Nick and then he avoids Matt, who spears his brother.  White is tagged in and he clotheslines Loa a few times but Loa stays on his feet.  White with a running back elbow to take him to the mat.  White with a running European uppercut and he runs into an elbow. 

Tama with a splash into the corner that hits Loa.  White with a suplex and he holds on and hits a German suplex on Loa.  White with a double flatline and a German suplex on Loa for a near fall.  White goes up top and Loa moves.  Loa with a double knee back breaker and both men are down.

Nick and Sabin tag in and Nick kicks Shelley and Sabin.  Nick with more kicks and knees to Sabin and Shelley.  Nick with a clothesline and bulldog combination.  Nick and Matt kick White and Gresham and then Matt sends Nick into Gresham and White with an assisted double drop kick.  Sabin and Shelley avoid The Jacksons but then they apply stereo Sharpshooters to Sabin and Shelley.  White and Gresham break it up and then Loa and Tama attack White and Gresham.

Matt tags in and they set for the buckle bomb and enzuigiri combination on Sabin.  Nick tags in and they set for More Bang for Your Buck but Matt is sent into Nick in the corner.  Matt punches Sabin and Shelley.  Sabin and Shelley with the Dream Sequqnce.  Tama with a forearm to Shelley but Sabin with an enzuigiri.  Loa with a power slam.  Loa with a clothesline to White.  Gresham throws Loa to the floor and then Gresham sends Nick to the apron.  Nick with a shoulder and slingshot X Factor to Gresham and a moonsault to Shelley.  Sabin kicks Nick but Matt with a super kick to Sabin.

White with a uranage to Matt and he goes up top and hits a swanton onto everyone on the floor.  Sabin with a missile drop kick to Matt.  Sabin gets Matt on his shoulders but Matt escapes and hits a super kick.  Sabin with a clothesline and he gets Matt on his shoulders but Nick with a super kick.  White stop the Meltzer driver and then Sabin and Shelley with super kicks to Nick and then Sabin and Shelley hit a double modified brainbuster for the three count.

Winners:  Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, Jay White, and Jonathan Gresham



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