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By Mike Johnson on 2017-09-12 15:04:00

Highlights from this afternoon's Global Force Wrestling conference call with Creative Team Members Scott D'Amore, Sonjay Dutt and John "Big" Gaburick:

*Ross Forman started the call noting there are no updates on Jeff Jarrett or his status and asked that reporters not ask about him.

*Alberto el Patron is figured into plans as of Bound for Glory and beyond.

*There have been some changes to existing plans that were set before Jeff Jarrett took his leave of absence but they did not go specifically into what those may have been with D'Amore pointing out that wrestling is always "fluid."  There will be no "reset" but the creative process was described as being more collaborative going forward.

*On talent, they are continuing to develop talents and didn't rule out some might be cycled out while others are given a chance, with D'Amore stating that's part of the wrestling business.

When asked, they did not address the  GFW name situation and said they were putting their energies into the best creative possible for the company, no matter what it may be called.

*Dutch Mantel remains on the creative team and is part of the process.

*On the Justin Barrasso story that Anthem is looking to sell GFW, they referred everyone to Ed Nordholm's comments last week shooting that down.  They said there was no "backstage" reaction to the story.

*They confirmed Low Ki is done with the company and noted he was on a short term deal.  Ki walked out shaking everyone's hands and told D'Amore and Dutt it was one of the more positive experiences in his career.  They did not close the book on a return down the line.

*When asked about the status of Eddie Kingston, who all but disappeared after Anthem took over the company, Scott D'Amore admitted "we don't know" and said they would have to see where his contract stands and what plans are made going forward.

*They put over the Global Wrestling Network as a huge potential for not just their companies for others because it would allow for a place where their content can be distributed.  D'Amore noted that as a content provider (he has long promoted Canada's Border City Wrestling) it has gotten harder to get material out to the masses as digital media has replaced VHS and DVD.

*Sonjay specifically commented on being part of the creative team, noting it's been a transition that has taken place over five years after Jeff Jarrett tapped him to help with projects like King Ka King and the All Wheels Wrestling.  He worked on the Amped! shows Jarrett produced and this is his highest profile position to date.  He noted that he's a 35 year old wrestler who still works a lot on the indies and has his ear to the ground and that allows him to bring a different perspective than D'Amore or Gaburick.

*Gaburick denied there were plans for Rey Mysterio to work Bound for Glory.  As reported on 8/23, negotiations between those two sides ended without a deal.

*Rosemary is cleared to return to the ring as of this weekend.

*The AAA working relationship remains in good standing.

*The company will continue to have an "open door" policy to build relationships with other promotions.

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