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By Dave Scherer on 2017-09-13 10:00:00

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I know what Vince says, goes - but at Big Show’s age and tenure in the business, he surely would be able to say no to some ideas he isn’t comfortable with. On the contrary, he seemed absolutely brilliant on Raw and the match was definitely main event calibre. How awesome were both competitors? Any of their three matches for match of the year?

I have nothing but respect for Big Show.  All of the people that were calling for him to retire a while back should do a mea culpa and say they were wrong.  Show has been a true vet, helping get a young talent over.  He deserves praise.

Now that there is a female referee in WWE, do you ever see them having her ref men's matches?  With the way things are regarded these days with respect to avoiding any male-female physical contact, she would never be able to take a bump in a men's match.

I would love to see that and given WWE’s attitude toward women of late, I could see it.  They have main-evented TV shows, why not ref a male match?  As for contact, it would depend.  In a case where it’s accidental, I would be OK with it.  

Who was the guy who started in NXT's Sanity, but left shortly after the debut? 

That was Sawyer Fulton in the summer of 2016 who worked with Alexander Wolfe.  He was replace by Killian Dain.

Why does it seem like some wrestlers/creative can't come up with a finisher?  Bobby Roode had been wrestling for years before he came to NXT/WWE and it seemed like he was trying to figure out a finisher when he arrived.  He actually never had a memorial finisher in TNA in my opinion and he changed it several times.  Another one that comes to mind is Braun Stroman.  When he was doing squash matches he didn't seem to have a true finisher and now they've settled on the running power slam which I personally see as a basic love in today's wrestling.

It can be a process for guys.  Sometimes it comes down to Creative deciding what they want a person to use.  Sometimes it can be a guy is learning on the fly and just takes a while to get that person comfortable.

If Nitro never happened where do you think the state of wrestling would be today? 

It is so hard to say.  My best guess is that the business would have had to evolve.  The squash format wouldn’t have drawn big audiences through the 90s and certainly wouldn’t today, with all of the options people have today.  Eric Bischoff was ahead of the curve with Nitro, for sure.  I think WWE would have had to made the TV shows more competitive and interesting if they wanted to make the shows desirable to USA.  

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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