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By Mike Johnson on 2017-09-09 10:00:00

What is up with Rey Mysterio coming to GFW?

As we broke in the PWInsider Elite section on 8/23, negotiations ended without a deal.  Mysterio had an offer and opted not to take it.  We were told and reported at that time that he's going to focus on training his son Dominick and getting him ready for a career in the business.

What is your opinion on WWE holding a live RAW on Christmas and New Year's Day? I think it's horrible for the wrestlers who rarely get any time off to be away from their fsmilies.  Unless the wrestler is based in Chicago it's a travel day. A part of me wants to say the company is being greedy but I guess the higher ups are working/traveling too. But I still think it sucks. 

I understand it from a business perspective but I am sad for talents who are going to have to spend that entire week going from airport to hotel to gym to arena to hotel and so forth.  The story that has been passed around is that the USA Network requested the shows air live, so if that's the case, WWE has to do what their TV partner requests.

I'm watching the Mae Young Classic and love it so far. The Cruiserweight Classic was amazing and the U.K. tournament was my favorite event the WWE Network has provided since its inception. The tournaments seem to create a lot of buzz and universal praise so my question is what do you think they could do next? They are running out of new ideas/concepts for the tournaments without rehashing concepts, which I wouldn't hate either. Thoughts?

The most obvious would be a Tag Team tournament but you could also go for a Super Heavyweight tournament with guys over a certain height and weight.

I was wondering if you could tell me why WWE have so far failed to upload WCW Thunder to the network as I find it quite silly following a storyline that may crossover to thunder but always being a step behind as you can only follow via Nitro.

As we have reported, Thunder is slated to be the next "archival" addition to the Network.

Should Anthem be able to sell GFW, what becomes of the Broken gimmick? Should WWE attempt to acquire the tape library and close the company, would that open the door for the broken gimmick to debut in WWE and would that cause friction between wwe and the Hardys over who owns the gimmick?

If WWE acquired GFW, they would have the same claim to the Broken Hardys gimmick that GFW currently says it has.  Whether Matt and Jeff Hardy would continue that battle if there was another owner, remains to be seen.

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