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By Richard Trionfo on 2017-09-04 16:54:00

We are now down to the quarterfinals of the Mae Young Classic.  The eight women remaining in the tournament are Abbey Laith, Candice LeRae, Kairi Sane, Piper Niven, Dakota Kai, Shayna Baszler, Tony Storm, and Mercedes Martinez.  Who will advance to the semifinals?

We are at Full Sail University and your announcers are Jim Ross and Lita.

Match Number One:  Abbey Laith versus Mercedes Martinez

They start with a test of strength and Mercedes with a back heel trip to get Abbey to the mat but she bridges and gets to a vertical base.  Abbey takes Martinez down but she bridges and escapes.  Abbey with a waist lock and take down into a front face lock but Martinez reverses into a front face lock.  Abbey goes for a Fujiwara arm bar but Martinez escapes.

Martinez with a punch and side head lock.  Abbey with a wrist lock take down into a head scissors.  Mercedes escapes and slaps Abbey.  Martinez with a chop.  Martinez with more punches to Abbey in the corner and the referee warns her.  Martinez with a snap mare and kick to the back and chest.  Abbey with a rollup when Martinez misses a round kick.  Martinez blocks a kick and sends Abbey to the mat.  Abbey with a jaw breaker followed by arm drags and a spinning back heel kick for a near fall.

Abbey with a forearm to the back followed by more forearms against the ropes.  Abbey chops Martinez and hits a rolling mare but Martinez with a kick to the chest and she gets a near fall.  Martinez with a kick to the back followed by punches.  Martinez with forearms in the corner followed by a chop.  Martinez and Laith with forearms and Laith with a series of chops and a bicycle kick for a near fall.  Laith sends Martinez into the corner and follows with a clothesline and kicks.

Abbey goes for a monkey flip but Martinez pushes her down and kicks Abbey in the chest.  Martinez with a running forearm into the corner followed by a Yakuza Kick and a hesitation drop kick into the corner.  Martinez goes to the apron and she connects with forearms to the back and then she tries to suplex Abbey on the apron but Abbey blocks it and she kicks Martinez off the apron. 

Abbey goes up top and hits a cross body onto Martinez on the floor.  Abbey rolls Martinez back into the ring and she gets a near fall.  Abbey limps over to Martinez and Martinez kicks Abbey away.  Martinez sends Abbey to the floor.  Abbey gets back onto the apron and Martinez sets for a suplex back into the ring but Abbey gets back in and hits a German suplex for a near fall. 

Laith goes for the Alligator Clutch but Martinez escapes and hits a Fisherman’s buster for the three count.

Winner:  Mercedes Martinez (Advances to face winner of Candice LeRae versus Shayna Baszler)

We see Johnny Gargano at ringside for the next match.  We also see Ronda Rousey and Jessamyn Duke in the crowd.

Match Number Two:  Candice LeRae versus Shayna Baszler

Baszler with a jumping knee and forearm to the back.  Baszler kicks LeRae in the head and shows her no respect.  Baszler misses a running knee and gets caught in the ropes.  Candice with a kick and shoulder that sends Baszler to the floor.  Candice with a suicide dive into a tornado DDT on the ramp.  Candice gets a near fall.  Candice goes for the octopus but Shayna escapes.  Candice holds on into a La Mistica and GargaNo Escape.  Baszler tries to get to the ropes but Candice uses the ropes to move back into the center of the ring.
Baszler lifts up Candice and hits a side slam to get out of the hold.  Candice goes to the turnbuckles but Baszler with a forearm to stop her.  Baszler sets for a gutwrench superplex but Candice blocks it and she sets for Miss LeRae’s Wild Ride but Baszler counters into a rear naked choke and Candice taps out.

Winner:  Shayna Baszler  (Advances to face Mercedes Martinez)

After the match, Baszler takes her time releasing the hold.

Johnny Gargano is in the ring checking on his wife and Baszler kicks at LeRae before leaving the ring.

We go to Charly Caruso in the Control Center and she mentions the finals on September 12th.

Match Number Three:  Piper Niven versus Toni Storm

They lock up and Storm backs Piper into the corner and she gives her a gentle tap to the jaw.  Piper wants a test of strength and she takes storm to the mat.  Storm tries to get Niven to the mat but Niven gets Storm down and gets a few near falls.  Niven tries to use her weight to an advantage but Storm with a bridge.

Storm with a monkey flip while they hold on to the test of strength.  They get their one shoulder up, then the other, and then they both bridge.  Storm with a wrist lock and Niven with a reversal.  Storm with a reversal.  Niven with a back heel trip into the wrist lock.  Storm bridges and Niven decides to hit a splash and get a near fall.  Niven with a splash into the corner.  Niven misses a splash into the corner when Storm floats over.  Storm goes for an O’Connor Roll but Niven holds on to the ropes and hits a cross body for a near fall.

Niven with a cravate and a head butt.  Niven with a snap mare and cross body splash for a near fall.  Niven with a running back senton for a near fall.  Niven sets for the Michinoku Driver but Storm hits a lungblower.  Storm misses a splash into the corner and Niven misses a cannonball.  Storm hits a running hip attack.  Storm with a waist lock and she tries for a German suplex but Niven with an elbow.

Niven with the Michinoku Driver but Storm kicks out at two.  Niven with a cannonball and she goes to the turnbuckles for the Vader Bomb but Storm gets to her feet and she hits an assisted German superplex.  Storm goes up top and hits a leg drop for the three count.

Winner:  Toni Storm (Advances to face winner of Kairi Sane versus Dakota Kai)

We see footage of Marina Shafir, Ronda Rousey, and Jessamyn Duke talking about Shayna Baszler’s win and Bayley, Becky Lynch, and Charlotte Flair stop by. 

We see Funaki in the crowd to watch this match.
Match Number Four:  Dakota Kai versus Kairi Sane

They lock up and Sane with a wrist lock.  Kai with a reversal.  Sane with a reversal of her own.  Sane with a side head lock and take down.  Kai with a head scissors and Sane escapes.  They lock up and Kai misses a kick and Sane misses a back fist.  Kai with a kick to the midsection but Sane with a double sledge and a running blockbuster.  Sane with an Irish whip but she misses a charge into the corner.  Kai with chops.

Sane with a chop after Kai misses.  Sane goes up top and tries to pull Kai up but Kai with a kick and she snap mares Sane off the turnbuckles for a near fall.  Kai face washes Sane and hits a running boot to the head.  Kai gets a near fall.  Kai starts to limp a little and Sane with chops.  Kai with a back heel kick for a near fall.  Kai with a kick to the back and Sane with a spear and both women are down.

Sane with a running drop kick to the back while Kai is in the ropes.  Sane with a springboard double stomp for a near fall.  Kai with a drop toe hold that sends Sane into the turnbuckles.  Kai with a running Yakuza Kick for a near fall.  Sane blocks a kick and hits Kai in the injured knee.  Sane with an Irish whip but Kai moves out of the corner.  Sane with a forearm and she picks up Kai to the turnbuckles.  Sane goes for a superplex but Kai puts Sane in the tree of woe.

Kai goes for the double stomp but Sane moves and Kai holds her knee.  Sane with a forearm from the turnbuckles and Sane with a sliding forearm for a near fall.  Kai with a sunset flip for a near fall.  Kai with a round kick and Sane falls to the mat.  Kai sends Sane into the turnbuckles and sets for a running Yakuza kick but she misses and Sane with forearms to the back.  Sane with an Alabama Slam and then she goes up top for the elbow drop and the three count.

Winner:  Kairi Sane (Advances to face Toni Storm)

We go to credits.

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