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By Grant Fletcher on 2017-09-04 08:14:00

Wildkat Sports and Entertainment - 9/2/17 Recap
by Grant Fletcher
On Twitter @FletchersAlibi

Happy Labor Day, wrestling fans! Last Saturday I had the pleasure of being on location at another hard-hitting wrestling card put on by Wildkat Sports in New Orleans.

‘Mr. Excellence’ Brandon Scott v ‘The Mythian Warrior’ Anthony

Anthony bested Scott in their initial chain wrestling exchange. The two soon wrestled to a fast-paced stalemate. Scott rolled out of the ring and used the distraction to sneak back in for a hard forearm followed by a neckbreaker. Anthony was soon able to fight his way out of this predicament, but not for long.  Mr. Excellence was determined to show the Wildkat veteran that he shouldn’t be underestimated. That said, Anthony wasn’t about to let him off easy. Anthony had Scott against
the ropes both literally and figuratively, but Mr. Excellence was able to turn the tide with a springboard ace crusher from the corner. This spot as well as the following kick to the head was still only able to get him a 2 count.

Anthony fired back with a combination of strikes and a backstabber. A diving double foot stomp to Scott’s back with a fireman’s carry neckbreaker sealed the deal for Anthony netting him the 3 count.

- Your winner: ‘The Mythian Warrior’ Anthony

After the match Anthony helped Brandon Scott to his feet and extended his hand in a show of respect.

After the first match well-dressed man interrupted our master of ceremonies, Edward King, to introduce himself as Nathan Bradley. He claimed that Wildkat’s next show, the Revolution Rumble, will see the debut of the biggest name to enter a Wildkat ring.

‘Smiley’ Kylie Rae v Katie Forbes

Their initial exchange seemed to leave Kylie unscathed, but frustrated. Diving back in Kylie locked Forbes in a headlock, but soon found herself backed into the corner by Forbes. Katie Forbes proceeded to bully Ray around the ring with her superior strength. Kylie wasn’t going to allow herself to be bested so easily. Using a bit of skill and speed she sent Forbes out to the floor.

After some showboating Kylie rolled her back in for a 2 count. Kylie showed her aggressive side by choking Katie Forbes on the ropes, but took a clubbing from Forbes in return. Kylie tried to lift Forbes for a scoop slam, but the attempted was stuffed so she settled for a quick suplex instead. Following it up with a sidewalk slam only gained Rae another 2 count. Firing back with an assault of her own, Katie Forbes picked up a 2 count with a scissor kick. Kylie tried for a
superkick, but Forbes caught her foot and sent her to the mat. Forbes used her newfound leverage to apply a Muta Lock and score the tapout victory.

- Your winner: Katie Forbes

‘Latin Heartthrob’ Gino v ‘The SituAsian’ Bu Ku Dao

The two felt each other out with various armlocks. Bu Ku feigned an injury to the neck to lure Gino in for an arm drag. The former heavyweight champ kept turning the screws. Gino soo found himself locked in the General Tso Mission. He slipped the hold and nailed Bu Ku with a closed fist punch followed by some slams.
Gino had figured out that while he couldn’t out-quick Bu Ku, he could overpower him. He slapped on a chinlock and clubbed away at Dao. Bu Ku tried to escape the offense of Gino, but Gino was always one step ahead. A powerslam followed by a cocky pin got Gino a 2 count. A well-timed dropkick created the distance Dao needed to catch his breath. Bu Ku let fly a series of strikes ending in a bulldog that netted im a 2 count. Gino launched Dao off of his shoulders
with a fireman's carry facebuster. The former champ took it to the corner and caught Gino with Wasabi. 3 seconds later and Bu ku Dao had grabbed hold of the victory.

- Your winner: 'The SituAsian’ Bu Ku Dao

Marcellus Prime v Sean Studd v ‘The Swole Jedi’ Scott Phoenix

Sean Studd began by mouthing off to his other opponents… that he was at least a head taller than. The three of them proceeded to jaw with each other until Phoenix let his fists fly on Prime. Phoenix sent Studd out of the ring and continued to work on Prime.  Once Studd was back inside Phoenix found himself trying to keep up the attack on both of them, but it proved to be too much to manage. Prime sent him into Studd for a big boot which resulted in the two coming to blows over who got the pinfall. Prime scored a big spinebuster on Studd before Phoenix was able to get back in the fight.  Marcellus Prime flattened Phoenix with a clothesline, but was slowed down by Studd. Not to worry as Prime put Studd in the corner then landed a fallaway slam on Phoenix. Phoenix lept over a spear by Marcellus that ultimately ended in the ribs of Studd! This gave Phoenix the chance to put Marcellus in the corner for 10 punches. Marcellus Prime fired back with another clothesline, but missed the follow-up spear and ran into the ringpost which left him lying on the outside. Studd used this as a chance to drop Phoenix and teased a chokeslam. Phoenix escaped the chokeslam attempt and rolled up Studd in a schoolboy pin to sneak in the 3 count.

- Your winner: 'The Swole Jedi’ Scott Phoenix

Pump Patrol (Curt Matthews, Jared Wayne and Johnny Flex) v The Handouts (Russell Radford and Edgrin Stone) v 'Southern Stomper’ Luke Hawx and 'Outlaw’ Matt Lancie v 'Hardcore’ Bob Holly and Bruiser in a Tag War match

There was an initial argument over whether or not all three members of Pump Patrol would be allowed in the match, but ultimately it was ruled that they could compete as a three-man unit.

Lancie and Holly started us out. Lancie bested Holly in their initial exchange, but the experience of the former Hardcore Champion soon got the better of him. Curt Matthews and Edgrin Stone tagged in off of blind tags on both Lancie and Holly. Lancie tagged back in off of Matthews after Curt was sent to the mat by Stone. Luke Hawx tagged in off of Lancie and the two teamed up for a double shoulder tackle on Stone. Hawx took Stone to task with a scoop slam and a knee
drop. Luke tagged in Bruiser to take over.

Bruiser clubbed Stone over the back and chopped him across the chest. After a powerslam from Bruiser Johnny Flex entered the ring only to be press slammed by Buiser. Wayne and Matthews came to Flex’s aid, and were also press slammed by Bruiser in short order.   Radford tagged in off of Stone and started beating Bruiser with his fists, but Bruiser was unaffected. He sent Radford to the mat with two vertical suplexes in a row then went for a cover.
He let Radford up at the count of 1 then put him down with authority using a hangtime suplex. 

Buiser then tagged in Holly.  Radford agreed to tag in Hawx in order to show us some more of that rivalry between he and Holly. Luke promptly tagged in Wayne, indicating that he was only toying with Holly. Wayne called for a test of strength which Holly used as an opportunity to kick Wayne in the midsection followed by some cutting chops. Holly tagged in Bruiser who went to work dismantling Wayne. A tussle over Wayne's sweatband resulted in him being sent to the mat with a hang time suplex.

Luke Hawx and Matt Lancie put their boots up on the turnbuckle to allow for Wayne’s head to be driven into their heels. Luke tagged in. A cheap shot from Wayne allowed he and Matthews to tag back and forth to double team The Stomper.  Stone tagged back in and put Luke down with a scoop slam which only got him a 2 count. Radford tagged in to double team Luke, but could only pick up a 2 count as well. Radford tagged out to Wayne who proceeded to tag back and forth with Matthews to keep the pressure on Hawx. After a Pumple’s Elbow Holly tagged in to seemingly deliver another Pumple’s Elbowwith Matthews, but ended up using this as a distraction to take out Matthews with chops. This resulted in all out chaos breaking loose in the ring. All 8 men were soon outside beating each
other senseless right in front of the Wildkat fans!

Luke Hawx rolled back into the ring as Johnny Flex snuck up to the top rope. Flex tried for a diving crossbody but was caught by Luke who crushed Flex’s side with 20 backbreakers in a row (setting a new record for most backbreakers executed in a single match)! Luke then pressed Flex over his head and dropped him on the other 7 competitors outside the ring!

Wayne snuck back in to dispatch Hawx then was taken out by Stone, who was taken out by a spear from Lancie, who was taken out by a full nelson slam by Matthews, who was taken out by Bruiser, who was taken out by Hawx, who was taken out by Radford, who was taken out by an Alabama slam from Holly who was taken out by Flex diving in off the top rope who then pinned the downed Radford for the 3 count!

- Your winners: The Pump Patrol

Luke Hawx then requested that Bob Holly’s music be played and asked the fans to show him some respect as thanks for him being there. Hawx, Lancie, Bruiser and Holly then celebrated their hard-fought battle in the ring together.

Ken Dixon v Jace Valor w/ The Mobile Home Mobsters v Little Guido v Socorro(c) w/The House of Harper in a tag turmoil match for the Wildkat Revolution Championship

In this one-fall- to-a- finish contest, two men are in the ring at a time while the other two wait on the apron at opposite corners. Any man can tag out to any other competitor. Guido and Valor started us off. Guido’s experience allowed him to quickly outclass Valor. Dixon tagged in off of Guido then sent Guido to the outside with an elbow to the face. Valor used the distraction to get the better of Dixon then Dixon tagged in Socorro as a result. Valor kept up the pace and put Socorro on his back with a flip out of the corner. Kojak Sly of The House of Harper provided the assist from the outside allowing Socorro to nail Valor with a boot to the face.
Socorro tagged in Dixon who dropped Valor with two scoop slams while jawing with both Socorro and the fans at ringside. Dixon stomped away on Valor, but his arguing with one ringside fan in particular allowed Valor the chance to fight back. Valor was too tired to keep up the attack and Dixon soon had him back
on the mat. Socorro tagged in off of Dixon to take advantage of the fatigued Valor.

Sly used Socorro arguing with the official as an opportunity to stick Valor with some cheap shots from ringside. A battered Valor let his elbows fly on Socorro and Dixon, but shenanigans from Harper and Sly distracted the ref from seeing the tag he made to Guido resulting in Guido being kicked out of the ring and sent back to the apron.  Dixon tagged in off of Socorro and kept bringing the pain to Valor. Valor finally managed to slip away to tag in Guido who came in hot. Dixon caught him coming off the ropes for a sidewalk slam, and Socorro tagged in off of Guido. Valor re-entered to drop Socorro with an ace crusher. He then sent Guido and Dixon out, but was distracted by Sly at the apron before he could finish the job.

As the Mobile Home Mobsters and House of Harper argued at ringside, Valor lept from the top rope onto all of them! Socorro used this to his advantage, grabbing Valor and planting him on the mat. He missed the Splash of Soco on Valor which allowed Dixon to hit him with a fireman's carry facebuster and pin him for a 3 count!

- Your winner and new Revolution Champion: Ken Dixon

After the match Ken Dixon had this to say: “I told Wildkat Sports and their fans for weeks what I was bringing to the table.  I overcame & outlasted an ECW Original, a group of degenerate trailer trash as well as the FORMER Revolution Champion with his goon squad.  Wildkat Sports, you have NEVER been exposed to the levels of Violence I am going to rain down upon your promotion.   Remember this...good people, bad people, everybody in between... I get paid to hurt them all - Welcome to the #HistoryOfViolence"

‘Money’ Mike Carradine v Hurricane Helms

‘Money’ Mike Carradine claimed that Wildkat had to bring in an international star to face him. Hurricane entered and said that he couldn’t help but notice that ‘Money’ Mike thought he was a big shot, but insulted his, “ panties.” “...Is it illegal to smuggle a mushroom in a wrestling ring?” he asked the fans. “You’re lackin’ where you should be packin’.” Hurricane quickly took control of the match with strength, speed and skill and sent ‘Money’ Mike outside to recollect himself. Most of ‘Money’ Mike’s attacks seemed to meet thin air as Hurricane was simply able to duck most of what he threw.  Eventually a well-placed dropkick managed to send Hurricane rolling out of the ring and the two  of them beat on each other at ringside. ‘Money’ Mike slipped on a springboard attempt allowing Hurricane to clobber him with clotheslines.

An Unprettier later only allowed Hurricane a 2 count. Not to worry as Hurricane had a neckbreaker loaded up and then called for a chokeslam. ‘Money’ Mike escaped and fired back with an enziguri. Mike tried for a tornado DDT, but soon found himself in Hurricane's clutches for a successful chokeslam and a 3 count!

- Your winner: Hurricane Helms

Good triumphs over evil once more.

‘Chalmation Sensation' Danny Flamingo v Droli

Danny went in to lock up, but Drolix rolled out playing mind games with the former Revolution Champion. Drolix was able to outwit Flamingo in order to land some hard shots, but Flamingo wouldn’t be counted out so easily. After Flamingo let loose some slams, Drolix was back outside trying to catch his breath.
Back inside Danny Flamingo had picked up on Drolix’s conniving ways and outsmarted him in order to dodge an elbow drop. Drolix decided that if he couldn’t outsmart Flamingo he would just brutalize him with some cheap shots. The two battled it out at ringside for a beat until Drolix rolled Danny back in for a 2 count. A sly small package got Flamingo a 2 count as well.

Drolix answered with a hang time suplex then spent the next portion of the match bending the rules in order to keep the pressure on. Flamingo let loose some right hands, but was stopped short by a DDT. Danny rolled out of the way of a second rope elbow drop.  After catching his breath Flamingo delivered the Flamingbow to Drolix for a 2 count. A Rocky and Carlo’s Special kept the ball on Flamingo’s side of the court. Drolix replied with a sick spinebuster. A worn out Drolix tried for a corner splash, but missed ending in him walking right into a DRS jawbreaker for a 3 count.

- Your winner: 'Chalmation Sensation’ Danny Flamingo

Marcellus Prime then ran in to pay Flamingo back for beating his brethren in Black Wall Street, but the two of them were chased off by the legend Sam Houston. Houston took to the mic to issue a challenge to Black Wall Street in a tag match along with Danny Flamingo.

”Don’t forget whose house you’re in. This is Wildkat Sports!” - Danny Flamingo

‘Wildcard’ J. Spade v Stevie Richards(c) for the Wildkat Heavyweight Championship

Before the contest could begin, the official informed Edward King that this rematch between Spade and Richards would he a no disqualification bout.
King then proceeded with the introduction Richards had mandated which included that the champion was, “... the only ECW superstar to pass all of his drug tests... a beacon of hope for everyone who has a dream…” that he was, “Dedicating this match to his wife Christy, his cats Mia and Odin and himself,” and of course concluded that Richards was, “A gosh-darn American Hero.”

The two jawed with each other before engaging. Clearly the beef from their last match had not been squashed. Stevie Richards stuck J Spade with a left jab that caused the challenger to rethink his strategy. Richards lured him into a headlock followed by another jab. Spade returned the favor with a stiff forearm and frustrated the champ with a push down to the mat. After rolling out to ringside Richards continued to jaw with Spade.

Stevie feigned going in to lock up and drove his knee into Spade’s midsection. He chopped away at Spade, but Spade responded by putting him in the corner for some hard shots. This gave Spade all the momentum he needed to begin wearing out the champion. He slung Richards back and forth from corner to corner driving his elbow into Stevie’s chest over and over again. This still only got him a 2 count.

Richards kicked Spade’s knee out from under him in order to prevent the challenger from launching himself from the second rope. Smelling blood in the water Richards kept up the assault on Spade’s knee. After striking and wrenching away, Stevie locked in a figure four on Spade, the same hold that gave him the win over Matt Lancie earlier this year. Spade reversed the hold and Stevie escaped with a rope break.

Stevie kept pummeling the knee of Spade, but when he took time to mock Spade’s ailing joint he found Spade’s fist in his face. The champ made him pay for that offense then the two began chopping each other back and forth. Stevie partially blinded Spade with a shot to the eye and the two began exchanging forearms.  Spade was fired up now. He set in with several elbows in a row then two high knees to the face that only got him a 2 count. Another shot to the eye later and Stevie was back in the game. A low blow allowed him to nail Spade with a Stevie Kick. Spade kicked out at 2 to Richards’ dismay. Stevie started tuning up the band for another Stevie Kick and cracked Spade across the jaw again, but Spaded kicked out at 1 this time! Richards was enraged. He tuned up again hastily this time. Spade caught the Stevie Kick in flight and nailed Stevie in the groin with a kick, giving the champ a taste of his own medicine. A Royal Flush later and Spade had Richards down for a 3 count!

- Your winner and new Wildkat Heavyweight Champion: 'Wildcard’ J Spade

Following the match J Spade had this to say: “Even though the odds were not in my favor I still won. I hold the top championship in Wildkat
Sports and won it because I made the ultimate bet by betting on myself. #BetOnTheWildCard.  I can't wait until November to see what Wildkat has in store for us at The Revolution Rumble!"

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