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By Mike Johnson on 2017-08-31 12:51:00

Sexy Star issued the following comments regarding the incident at Triplemania in Mexico over the weekend.  Her statement (translation by Jose Perez) reads as follows:

"This have been very difficult days for me. Last Saturday I was in a championship fight; was very hard. I think everything got out of hand. I don't know, I am still confused with the situation. I'd like to remain quiet and when the time is right I will speak on the subject.

Men and women want to finish me, make me retire from the sport. I am still here, as I stated in the beginning, I will not stop representing all those women that have been mistreated physically or psycologically.

I believe that I have to stronger. If at a moment I went through depression and got out of it, I will also get out of this one.

I was doing what I had to do, what the people deserved, to go all in clawing until the end. That's what happened, I submitted her. It appears the girl is injured, I don't know, is not something I am aware off. That's all I can say..."

The statement was originally reported by LuchaBlog.

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