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By Richard Trionfo on 2017-08-28 16:54:00

Half of the First Round of the Mae Young Classic has been completed and we have seen Princesa Sugehit, Abbey Laith, Mia Yim, Shayna Baszler, Mercedes Martinez, Rachel Evers, Rhea Ripley, and Serena Deeb advance to the second round.  Who are the next four to advance in the Mae Young Classic?

We are at Full Sail University and your announcers are Jim Ross and Lita.

We take a look at the participants in the opening match.

Toni Storm says she has a hell of an attitude and she has rock star energy.  When she comes out, everything goes out the window and she does not care.  She says she does not think people realize what is inside of her.  She goes in there and she takes heads off.  She is sorry in advance for the pummeling she is going to give.

Ayesha Raymond says she is the deadlift Diva.  She says she can lift over 210 kilos.  She portrays herself as someone who is strong.  She has been told she cannot, but she will show that she can.

Match Number One:  Toni Storm versus Ayesha Raymond

Raymond pushes Storm after the bell rings.  Raymond misses a clothesline and Storm with a waist lock.  Raymond with a side head lock and take down.  Storm escapes the head lock and Storm offers her hand but pulls it away.  Raymond with a kick and wrist lock.  Raymond with a forearm but Storm with a reversal.  Raymond with punches and strikes.

Storm with a running thrust kick and snap mare and a series of hip attacks to the head.  Storm runs into a boot and Raymond with a side slam.  Raymond with a slam and she gets a near fall.  Raymond with an Irish whip and splash into the corner.  Raymond chokes Storm in the ropes.  Raymond with a vertical choke but Storm with a head butt to escape.  Raymond misses a splash into the corner and Storm with a lungblower in the ropes.

Storm with a running hip strike in the corner followed by a Northern Lights suplex.  Storm goes to the apron and then she goes up top.  Raymond with a forearm and a press slam off the turnbuckles.  Raymond goes to the turnbuckles and she deals with the crowd instead of trying to finish off Storm.  Raymond misses a frog splash and Storm with a La Magistral for the three count.

Winner:  Toni Storm (Advances to face winner of  Taynara Conti versus Lacey Evans)

We see Sara Amato and Charlotte Flair in the crowd.

We take a look at the next two participants in the tournament.

Kavita Devi and she mentions that she represents India.  They are praying that she returns as a champion.  She mentions she was trained by the Great Khali and she has the confidence to win.  She is powerful and she says not to underestimate her.

Dakota Kai mentions that she is from New Zealand.  She might be friendly outside the ring, but inside the ring, it all changes.  She has a quick and evasive style.  She says she does a lot of strikes and she kicks hard.  She mentions that she uses her speed in the ring.  She has spent ten years getting to this place and she is going to do her best to win.

Match Number Two:  Dakota Kai versus Kavita Devi

They lock up and Devi sends Kai to the mat.  They lock up again and Devi sends Kai to the mat again.  Kai with a rollup for a near fall.  Kai goes for a single leg take down but Devi with an arm drag to Kai.  Devi with a wrist lock and she goes to the ropes for an assisted wrist lock take down.  Devi elevates Kai by the arm to work on the shoulder. 

Devi goes to the ropes again and she gives Kai another rope assisted arm drag.  Kai with kicks but Devi with a forearm and European uppercut.  Kai with a kick and sunset flip for a near fall.  Kai with a drop kick but Devi does not move.  Devi swats away a drop kick attempt.  Devi gets Kai on her shoulders and presses Kai over her head and drops Kai to the mat. 

Devi with a splash into the corner followed by a biel.  Devi with another biel.  Devi misses a splash into the corner and Kai with a running Yakuza Kick and she goes up top and hits a double stomp for the three count.

Winner:  Dakota Kai  (Advances to face Rhea Ripley)

We Nia Jax and members of the Rock’s family in the crowd.

We take a look at the next two participants.

Bianca Belair says she wants to show everyone what she is about.  She says she is the strongest, the fastest, and the toughest.  She says she is the EST.  She says her braid is a lethal weapon.  She says she is the best.

Sage Beckett asks if you ever got a chill running up your spine to set your soul on fire?  She says she has been around the world and seen it all.  She is not a witch, she is a shaman.  She uses the power of the earth to her advantage.  She says she is vicious and it is raw.  She uses the energy around her and channels it to do what she needs to do to win.

Match Number Three:  Sage Beckett versus Bianca Belair

Beckett gets in Belair’s face but Bianca does not back down.

They lock up and they go to a stalemate.  Belair pushes Beckett and Belair with a side head lock.  Beckett with a shoulder tackle but Belair kips up.  Beckett with a slam and elbow drop for a near fall.  Belair with an Irish whip but Beckett with a kick and forearm.  Beckett with an Irish whip but she misses a splash into the corner.

Belair with a drop kick and she gets a near fall.  Belair sends Beckett into the corner and kicks her.  Belair with forearms followed by a knee to the midsection.  Beckett pushes Belair away and Belair with forearms and a clothesline for a near fall.  Beckett with a slam but Belair trips Beckett and slams her head into the mat and hits a leaping leg drop to the back followed by a splash for a near fall.

Belair butterflies the arms but Beckett escapes.  Beckett with a Bubba Bomb and she gets a near fall.  Beckett with punches to Belair followed by an Irish whip and splash into the corner.  Beckett with a flying boot to the head for a near fall.  Beckett with knees to the midsection followed by a running knee lift.  Beckett puts Belair in the tree of woe.  Beckett with a running splash into the corner and then Beckett goes to the turnbuckles for a Vader Bomb but she misses.  Belair whips Beckett with the hair and then hits a spear for the three count.

Winner:  Bianca Belair  (Advances to face winner of Kairi Sane versus Tessa Blanchard)

We move on to the next two participants.

Santana Garrett says that you need to be you as well as being humble.  She says she was told she would never make it but to be in this tournament means everything.  She says she can motivate and inspire.  She hopes this is a platform to show what she can do.

Piper Niven says she loves being the bigger wrestler and she enjoys doing things people half her size cannot do.  She is here to show that she can do everything that you can do and more.  She is here to have fun.

Match Number Four:  Piper Niven versus Santana Garrett

They lock up and Piper backs Santana into the corner and she gives a clean break and a casual tap to the jaw.  Santana with a waist lock into a side head lock.  Santana with a wrist lock but Piper with a top wrist lock into a take down and she gets a near fall.  Piper holds on to the wrist lock.  Santana uses the ropes to reverse the hold.  Piper misses punches as Santana shows her speed.  Santana continues to work the arm.

Santana with a modified Octopus but Piper gets Santana on her shoulders.  Santana goes for a sunset flip but Piper does not go down.  Piper drops down and Santana moves.  Santana with a kick for a near fall.  Piper with an Irish whip and Santana floats over.  Santana with a satellite head scissors. 
Piper with a running cross body for a near fall.  Piper with a cravate but Santana with punches to escape.  Piper with an uppercut and she gets a near fall.  Piper with a Cobra Clutch followed by a short arm clothesline for a near fall.  Piper with an Irish whip and she runs into a boot.  Santana goes to the apron and avoids Piper and kicks her.  Santana with a tornado DDT for a near fall. 

Santana with a handspring elbow into the corner.  Piper with a splash for a near fall.  Piper pulls Santana into the corner as Piper goes to the turnbuckles.  Santana gets to her feet and she tries for a handstandcanrana but Piper stops her.  Santana tries again and succeeds for a near fall.

Santana with a thrust kick but she misses a handspring moonsault.  Piper with a back senton and a Michinoku Driver for the three count.

Winner:  Piper Niven (Advances to face Serena Deeb)

We go to credits with a look at the final four matches in Round One.

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