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By Richard Trionfo on 2017-08-28 12:38:00

In 2016, the WWE presented the Cruiserweight Classic, providing a showcase for wrestlers from around the world who weighed under 205 pounds to see which one could survive a 32 man tournament to become the winner of the tournament and the first to be the holder of the renewed WWE Cruiserweight Title.

In 2017, it is time for the women from around the world to showcase their talents in front of the Full Sail University crowd.  Who will survive at the end to win the first Mae Young Classic?

We begin with a video package showing the progression of women’s wrestling to the present, voiced over by Stephanie McMahon.

We are at Full Sail University and your announcers are Jim Ross and Lita.

We take a look at the brackets for the tournament.

We take a look at the participants in the first match.

Princesa Sugehit says that she was the only female who trained at her gym and her last name is for the stars.  She says that she is happy to be representing Mexico in the tournament and she expects to win.

Kay Lee Ray says she is the hardcore daredevil.  She is not afraid to do anything.  She says she loves the adrenaline rush.  She wants to show that she is here for a reason and she is going to win. 

Match Number One:  Princesa Sugehit versus Kay Lee Ray

They start of with a teased test of strength but Ray uses her height advantage to taunt Sugehit.  Ray with a chop but Sugehit with kicks to Ray.  Sugehit with a near fall and she avoids a kick.  Ray trips Sugehit and Ray walks across her back.  Sugehit with a take down and she gets a near fall.  Sugehit with a rollup for a near fall.

Sugehit goes for a Code Red but Ray with a Gory Special.  Sugehit with a Code Red for a near fall.  Sugehit with a suplex set up into a slam followed by elbow drops for a near fall.  Ray with a kick from the apron followed by a forearm.  Ray gets a near fall.  Ray with a chop in the corner.  Ray sends Sugehit into the turnbuckles and then Sugehit with forearms, chops, and kicks in the corner but Ray kicks Sugehit in the knee and hits a sliding Flatline for a near fall.  Ray tries for the Koji Clutch but cannot fully lock it in and that allows Sugehit to get a near fall.

Sugehit with a forearm and chops.  Sugehit with a kick to the leg.  Sugehit with a head scissors and a sit out atomic drop and she rolls Ray around the ring to get a near fall.  Sugehit gets another near fall.  Ray tries to get Sugehit on her back but Sugehit blocks it and kicks Ray.  Ray with the Gory Bomb and she gets a near fall because she takes too long to make the cover.  Ray goes up top and misses a Swanton.  Sugehit with a Fujiwara arm bar and Ray taps out.

Winner:  Princesa Sugehit (Advances to face winner of Xia Li versus Mercedes Martinez)

We take a look at our next participants

Vanessa Borne says there is no one better than her and no one like her.  She says it is not a surprise that she is here.  She says she is that good.  She says she wants to be the best and most dominant.  She says she is more than a cheerleader.  She is a superstar so she has to win.

Serena Deeb says she had the intention to become the greatest women’s wrestler in the world.  She got a chance in 2010 to be part of the Straight Edge Society.  She was irresponsible and she had to face the consequences.  This is a time of redemption.  She says she is going to work harder than anyone else.  She is here for her whole journey.

We see Naomi in the crowd to watch the next match.

Match Number Two:  Serena Deeb versus Vanessa Borne

They lock up and Borne with a take down as they hold on to the collar and elbow tie up.  Deeb with a take down and they continue the lock up.  Borne with take down.  Deeb with a waist lock and take down.  Deeb with arm drags into an arm bar.  Deeb with an Irish whip and she goes for a monkey flip but Borne sends Deeb to the apron and Borne with a head butt and she kicks Deeb in the ribs.  Borne with punches and kicks.  Borne kicks Deeb in the corner.  Borne with forearms in the corner. 

Borne with a snap mare and a sliding head butt for a near fall.  Borne with a reverse chin lock.  Deeb with a belly-to-back suplex but Borne is to her feet first.  Deeb with jabs followed by a right hand.  Deeb with a slam followed by a kick and a neck breaker for a near fall.  Deeb gets Borne on her shoulders and then drops her for a gutbuster.  Deeb waits for Borne to get up but she misses a charge into the corner and hits the turnbuckles.

Borne with a swinging neck breaker for a near fall.  Borne with punches to Deeb and she gets a near fall.  Borne gets Deeb up for a Samoan drop and she gets a near fall.  Borne misses a diving head butt when Deeb moves.

Deeb with a spear for the three count.

Winner:  Serena Deeb (Advances to face winner of Santana Garrett versus Piper Niven)

Charly Caruso is in the Control Center and she mentions the next match featuring Shayna Baszler and Zeda.

Zeda says you want to have a superhero to look up to when you are young.  She says she never had that when she was young.  She says she took up martial arts to be the superhero who was always needed.  She says she has a background in Brazilian Ju Jitsu.

Shayna Baszler mentions that she has been in MMA for 16 years and she was ranked in the top ten for much of that time.  She has to deal with different rules, but she is not going to have to change things up too much.  You are going to know that she is a legitimate badass in the ring.

Match Number Three:  Shayna Baszler versus Zeda

Baszler refuses the pre-match hand shake.  Zeda with a single leg take down and Zeda goes for a knee bar but Baszler escapes and goes for an cross arm breaker.  Zeda with a side head lock.  Baszler with punches and she goes for the arm.  Zeda gets a near fall.  Zeda goes for the leg but Baszler blocks it.  Zeda with a body scissors and Baszler sends her to the mat.  Baszler kicks Zeda in the leg and then he punches and kicks Zeda as she backs Zeda into the corner.

Baszler misses a knee in the corner and Zeda with forearms in the corner.  Zeda with a monkey flip and she gets a near fall.  Zeda goes for a suplex and Baszler blocks it.  Zeda with a guillotine but Baszler counters into a sit out suplex into a rear naked choke and Zeda taps out.

Winner:  Shayna Baszler (Advances to face winner of Sarah Logan versus Mia Yim)

After the match, Shayna goes over to celebrate her victory with Ronda Rousey, Marina Shafir, and Jessamyn Duke.

We take a look at the participants in the main event.

Jazzy Gabert says she had to fight hard to get where she is now.  In the ring, she is a different person.  She lifts people up and throws them down.  She says it is vicious and she wants to fight.  She is not here to have fun.  She is here to bring total destruction and she gets what she wants.

Abbey Laith says Mae Young is a huge inspiration.  The alligator clutch was passed down from Mae to her through her trainers.  She will fight through any situation and she will not back down.  She says she has a strike based offense and she will do what it takes to win.  She says it is her dream to become the first Mae Young Classic winner.

Match Number Four:  Jazzy Gabert versus Abbey Laith

Gabert pulls Laith close after the hand shake.

The bell rings and Laith with forearms but they have no effect.  Gabert pushes Abbey down.  Abbey with more forearms and the same result.  The third time is not the charm for Laith and Gabert tosses Laith by the hair.  Gabert tosses Laith around the ring one more time.  Laith has a kick blocked and Abbey is pushed to the mat in a split.  Gabert misses a kick and Laith with a jaw breaker.  Laith goes for an arm drag but Gabert stays on her feet.  Gabert with a shoulder tackle and she gets a near fall.

Gabert with forearms across the chest for a near fall.  Gabert with punches to the back of the head and she gets a near fall.  Gabert with an Anaconda Vice and Laith tries to figure out how to get out of the hold and she applies a head scissors and the hold is released.  Gabert into a sleeper and body scissors.  Gabert with shoulders in the corner.

Gabert with a kick and snap mare followed by a cravate.  Laith with elbows but Gabert with a forearm to the head and Laith staggers into the corner.  Laith with a boot in the corner but she is caught by Gabert and Jazzy with a slam and a Jericho cover for a near fall.  Gabert signals that it is over but Laith gets to her feet and she floats over and applies a choke in the ropes.

Laith with a shoulder and kicks followed by an enzuigiri that gets Gabert to her knees.  Laith with more kicks and a round kick for a near fall.

Laith goes to the turnbuckles but Gabert recovers.  Gabert gets Laith on her shoulders but Laith with an arm drag and two bicycle kicks followed by a drop kick.  Laith goes to the turnbuckles again and hits a Swanton but can only get a two count.  Gabert with a running clothesline and she punches Laith repeatedly.  The referee checks on Laith and then Gabert sets for a back breaker but Laith with a sunset flip into the Alligator Clutch and the three count.

Winner:  Abbey Laith (Advances to face winner of Rachel Evers versus Marti Belle)

After the match, Gabert appears to be seeking revenge for the loss, but instead she shakes Laith’s hand as a show of respect.

We go to credits.


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