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By Brad Lynch on 2017-08-26 21:01:00

Brad Lynch (Elite since Day 1) here in Atlanta at Center Stage:

*Cauliflower Chase Brown def. Gladiator Jeremiah (Dark)

*Will Ferrara def. Cheeseburger 

*Silas Young def. Cauliflower Chase Brown

*Kelly Klein def. Brandi Rhodes

*Kenny King def. Hangman Page

*Marty Scurll def. Rocky Romero

*ROH champion Cody came out and introduced a replacement for the ROH belt. A "Ring of Honor" that he says his opponents must kiss rather than shaking hands at the start of a match. 

Josh Woods def. QT Marshall

Kazarian won the #1 contender Honor Rumble that included Jay White, Sho, Punishment Martinez, Jon Gresham, Rhett Titus, Will Ferrara, Yo, Alex Shelley, Silas Young, Shane Taylor, Flip Gordon, Jay Lethal, Hanson, Chris Sabin, Bully Ray, Raymond Rowe, Mark Briscoe, and...GLACIER.   Lethal eliminated Kaz but Daniels was distracting Sinclair. Kaz got back in and tossed Lethal. 

The Briscoes def. Marseglia/O'Ryan.

Karen Q def. Sumie 

War Machine def. Coast to Coast & Tempura Boyz in a tornado tag match. 

Flip Gordon def. Cory Hollis

Cody def. Kazarian to retain the ROH title. 

Search & Destroy def. Young Bucks/Guerrillas of Destiny

A really fun night overall and a great homecoming for Cody. 

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