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By Mike Johnson on 2017-08-23 13:10:00

Numerous sources have confirmed to that former X-Division champion Low Ki is gone from Global Force Wrestling, having departed over the course of this week's TV tapings.

There are several different accounts making the rounds.  One version is that there it was a financial dispute that led to the departure.  Another version (from sources within GFW) states that Ki was not happy with the creative for him going forward as the original plan for him leading into Bound for Glory was to be part of an Ultimate X match while he wanted to be in the GFW championship mix.    I can understand that mindset as Ki was built to being a title challenger for Patron and being added to LAX, so him being slotted back into to the X-Division, logically, makes little sense.

The one thing all accounts are in agreement with is that Ki made the decision to leave the company.  He was not let go.  A GFW source stated the departure was "amicable."

Ki was slated to face Alberto el Patron at last Thursday's Destination X, but that match was canceled due to Patron's suspension leading to him being stripped of the GFW championship.     Ki will appear in the Gauntlet that headlines tomorrow's episode of Impact Wrestling that will crown the new champion.

Low Ki, 37, was the first Ring of Honor champion and has had numerous runs with TNA/GFW over the years as well as runs with WWE and New Japan Pro Wrestling, among others.

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