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By Mike Johnson on 2017-08-23 09:37:00

Former ECW World champion Taz is undergoing surgery on his hand today in an attempt to repair nerve damage that has led to a loss of feeling, muscle atrophy and an inability to grip with right hand.

Taz has nerve damage in his neck from his pro wrestling career has trickled down to his hand.  Surgeons will be going through his wrist in an attempt to bring some of the nerves "back to life", similar to a carpal tunnel surgery but on a much grander scale.

The surgery and recovery means Taz will have to  miss a few episodes of his radio show, which airs Monday to Friday from 7-9 AM EST, streaming from NYC at

Taz wrestled from 1987 until the early 2000s, when he retired to become a full-time broadcaster for WWE.  Taz departed that company in 2009, moving on to Impact Wrestling.  The Taz Show lauched in 2015 with over 450 episodes to date, broadcasting out of CBS Studios in NYC.

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