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By Dave Scherer on 2017-08-23 10:04:00

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So, after watching NXT Takeover I have to ask, why can’t they do booking and shows like that on the main roster?

The obvious answer is that one is the vision of Triple H and the other is the vision of Vince McMahon.  H likes a more old school approach.  That isn’t to say that he would do a total NXT style show on the main roster if he was in charge, because I don’t think he would.  But I think there would definitely be more cohesion in the booking and less lapses of logic if he were in charge.  To be fair, H has one our of TV a week to build to shows every 2 or 3 months whereas the main roster has a much more crowded schedule.  It’s hard to do a three hour Raw every week and a PPV every month. 

New Japan's first foray into the US market seemed to be a smashing success by all accounts.  With that said, has New Japan ever considered creating a promotion for the US? (Maybe call it New Japan America or NJPWA)  I think that with their own funds, and possibly teaming up with Billy Corgan's newly purchased NWA, they could create a promotion that could be a sure fire #2 in America. After a few years, possibly absorbing ROH and GFW/TNA, they could become a legitimate competition for WWE.  What do you guys think?

I don’t see New Japan doing a different version of their product for the US.  They are successful at what they do, just as WWE is.  I think they will market the product that they have created when they run here.

What is you're take on ROH talent Silas Young? Personally I think he is friggin' awesome! With his old school heel style and abilities.

Is Jim Ross would say, he’s a good, solid hand.

I was watching WCCW on the network. I vaguely remember watching a much different program in the 80's. My aunt had a satellite dish, and I would watch a Texas channel that aired it Saturday nights. Is there more WCCW programming out there?

Those were the old Von Erich two hour shows on Channel 11 out of Dallas.  I had a C Band dish too and watched them every week.  That show was a lot of fun!

I have just noticed that on Tuesday 12th September (early morning Wednesday for UK fans) that there will be SmackDown Live, 205 Live and the Mae Young Live Finale all on the same night. Do you think WWE should move the Mae Young Finale to another night so its not a huge block all in one go?

Triple H talked about the logistics of it on the conference call this week.  There is still some stuff to be determined where 205 Live is concerned.  It sure seems like they want the Young final to air from Las Vegas (and I don’t blame them since LV is a big fight town).  I think if anything 205 Live will be the one that gets moved.

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