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By Al Cotton on 2017-08-19 08:54:00

Eli Drake was in the ring celebrating his Title win with Chris Adonis.  Johnny Impact came out and wanted a Title shot.  Eddie Edwards came out and wanted one too.  Jim Cornette made a tag match where if one of the challengers gets the pin, they get a shot at Drake.  If Drake's team wins, neither gets a shot.

EC3 beat El Hijo del Fantasma.  It was a split decision.  Hector Guerrero voted for EC3 and that made Fantasma mad.  Fantasma and another wrestler attacked EC3 until Edwards made the save.

OVE beat Fallah Bah and Boykara.

Petey Williams beat Caleb Konley, who was seconded by Trevor Lee.  They attacked Williams until Sonjay Dutt m,ade the save.

Kongo Kong beat up a jobber.  Mahabali Shera confronted him afterward.

Low Ki beat James Storm.  

Drake and Adonis beat Edwards and Impact.  Bobby Lashley came out, mad.  Cornette told him to stand down and announced Drake would defend against Matt Sydal.

Williams and Dutt beat Lee and Konley.

Sienna and Taryn Terrell beat Gail Kim and Allie.

New show starts with Cornette talking about Drake vs. Sydal.  Impact said he wants the winner of the match.  Konan came out and said it's white privilege.  Yes he really did.  LAX attacked Johnny by he fought them off.

Jeremy Borash announced that AAA's Pagano has signed with GFW.  He was the one that helped Fantasma.  They temaed up to beat Edwards and EC3 with help from the debuting Texano.

Drake beat Sydal with help from Adonis.

Lashley announced that he is quitting GFW to do MMA.  He wants to fight Moose first.  Moose came out and nailed Lashley but got destroyed by Lashley and Top Team .

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