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By Stuart Carapola on 2017-08-17 21:55:00

Welcome to the Impact Wrestling Report here on!

Bobby Lashley arrives at the arena with America Top Team, and Jeff Jarrett comes out to greet and shove whoever the guy who runs America Top Team is.

We hit the opening video, then go backstage to McKenzie Mitchell, who goes to Bruce Prichard's office for word on his big announcement, and Bruce doesn't answer the door, but whoever does surprises McKenzie, who says we'll never guess who she just saw behind that door!

Time for our opening match...

Knockouts Title Match: Sienna vs Gail Kim

Gail controls early with a series of rollups and pinning combinations, but Sienna slides out to the floor to avoid Eat DaFeet.  Gail follows her out and hits a 619 around the ringpost, but tries a tornado DDT and Sienna dumps her chest first on the ring steps.  Sienna maintains control with hard hitting offense back in the ring and gets a series of 2 counts.  Gail counters a superplex attempt to a sunset bomb, then starts the fiery babyface comeback.  Gail comes off the top with a crossbody for 2, hits the charging crossbody in the corner, but Sienna blocks it and cranks on her neck before rolling her into a nasty three quarter nelson.  Gail gets out of that, then blocks the AK-47, and she hits Eat DaFeet.  KM gets on the ring apron to distract the ref, Gail slaps him and knocks him off the apron, and then...TARYN TERRELL runs in and hits an Ace Crusher on Gail!  Sienna hits the AK-47 and covers Gail for the win.

Winner: Sienna

Well, there's one face I never expected to see back here!

We go to the announcers, who talk about Bruce Prichard's announcement tonight regarding the GFW Title situation, then we see someone fat in a suit walking backstage, and we're at commercial!

Matt Sydal is backstage and says that, before tonight is through, he is Reborn.  He will earn Lashley's respect tonight.

Bruce Prichard comes out to the ring with the GFW Title belt, and I guess we'll find out what happens with the title and Low Ki's standing title shot.  He says he's a corporate consultant for GFW and it's his job to oversee the talent here at GFW, and he appreciates the fans' loyalty with the issues they've had over the last year, and he promises that next year will be better.  He has a prepared statement to read from the GFW offices: effective immediately, due to an incident involving the GFW Champion Alberto El Patron, real name Alberto Rodriguez, they are announcing that Alberto El Patron is no longer the GFW Global Champion.  He voluntarily surrendered the title to focus on his personal and family issues, and GFW wishes him well in his future endeavors.  Now, it falls on Bruce Prichard's shoulders to handle this situation, and a company is only as good as its champion, and he did some research, and found out that it is within his rights to order the title to revert to a former champion.  So, he is mandating that the GFW Title be returned to its former titleholder, our GFW Global Champion, "Walking Armageddon" Bobby Lashley!  Wait, instead of Bobby Lashley, it's...JIM CORNETTE!  He gives Bruce a big hug and says he wanted ot hold Bobby back so he could see Bruce's face, and Bruce says this isn't Dairy queen and...oh, he's making fun of the drive thru incident.  He's not sure what Cornette is doing out here, and Cornette says that Bruce is a corporate consultant, but he's a corporate specialist, and since Anthem is new in the wrestling business, they weren't quite prepared to deal with some of the volatile personalities in the wrestling business.  They dealt with some people the wrong way, and dealt with some of the wrong people, so they called him.  Bruce says there isn't anyone around here who outranks him, and he's not sure what Jim is doing in his Impact Zone and his ring, but he wants security to get him out of here.  Cornette is incredulous that he's calling security, but Bruce says Cornette isn't his boss and never will be, and wants him to get the hell out of his ring.  Cornette says he's going to finish what he's saying and then he's done.  He's right, he's not Bruce's boss, but he's known him for 35 years and it's always been the same: he pushes people, he steamrolls people, he pushes his agenda in the locker room and in the boardroom, and Bruce has overstepped his bounds, and people are getting sick of him.  He's not Bruce's boss, because Bruce would have to work here for that to happen, and he's fired.  Bruce says he can't fire him, but Cornette says he just did.  Now Cornette tells security to get Bruce out of his ring, and Bruce says he can walk out on his own, but Cornette tells him to wait, grabs the GFW Title belt off Bruce's shoulder, and says "NOW get him the hell out of my ring!"  The fans are very happy to see Bruce go, and Cornette says that corporate is tired to be taken advantage of.  Alberto didn't give up the title, it was stripped of him.  It's a new day in GFW, and we're not going to have big stars come here thinking they're on vacation, everyone comes here to work hard and prove they belong here or they're going to have to deal with him.  Cornette isn't giving anyone this title, because next week, the 20 biggest, baddest men are going to fight it out in a Gauntlet Match, and he doesn't care who wins, but whoever holds this gold will earn it.  Whoever the last man standing is will be the GFW Champion.  Oh oh, LAX is on their way to the ring.  We'll find out what they want after this break!

Okay, we're back and Konnan is right up in Cornette's face saying they changed one lying cracker for another one.  He shouldn't have to jump through hoops to get his title shot, but Cornette says this is the decision corporate made.  Konnan doesn't trust him, and Cornette should watch out ofr this silent tsunami.  Low Ki says he can respect Cornette's position, but he smells fear.  Cornette says he feels for Low Ki more than anyone, but the situation is out of his hands.  But what he will do since Low Ki is getting screwedmost by this, he can enter the gauntlet at #20, and if Low Ki is as good as he thinks he is, he can win.  LAX surrounds Cornette, and he says if anyone lays a hand on him, they'll be spending the night in jail.  Konnan says Boricuas run the pen here in Orlando, and they could get a cup of soup and a honey bun for his ass in jail, but Cornette says he may be a cracker, but he's no liar, and he may not like what Cornette says, but he can believe it.  Cornette leaves, and Konnan says not to doublecross him.

Super X Cup Finals: Desmond Xavier vs Taiji Ishimori

They do flippy dippy until Xavier bails to the floor.  He comes back in and Ishimori drops Xavier with a flapjack onto his knee.  Ishimori grounds Xavier with a bodyscissors and rolls him into a leg cradle for 2.  Xavier gets away, but Ishimori takes him back down with a springboard vertical drop.  Ishomori slams Xavier and goes for a springboard double stomp, but Xaiver dodges and rolls Ishimori up for 2.  Xavier goes for a Frankensteiner, but Ishimori pops him backward over his head into a flapjack for 2.  Ishimori continues putting the boots to Xavier, but Xavier hits an Ace crusher out of nowhere, a charging European uppercut in the corner, superkicks the legs out, and hits a standing Code Red for a very close 2.  They trade forearms, Xavier snapmares Irhimori and hits a basement dropkick to the back of the head.  Xavier goes to the top, Ishimori dodges the 450 and hits a charging dropkick to the chest.  Ishimori hits a handspring enziguiri, the springboard double stomp, and covers for 2.  Ishimori hits the Bodybag, and comes off the top with a 450 splash for 2.  Xavier suddenly recovers and hits a handspring Pelle kick for the win.

Winner: Desmond Xavier

And our next X Division superstar is...ANOTHER FLIPPY DIPPY GUY!  Jeremy Borash goes to get a word with Xavier after he helps Ishimori to his feet.  Desmond, trophy in hand, says that this is a mooment he will never forget, but it's also a moment that everyone else won't.  Whoever is the X Division Champion at the end of the night better know that he's coming for them.

Bruce Prichard finds Karen Jarrett smiling at him backstage, and she shrieks at Bruce that he'll never set foot in here again.  Security escorts him out.

The X Division Title is hanging above the ring, and the ladder match is up next!

Grado is backstage getting upset that he can't stay in this country, but Joseph Park says he can buck up because he's not going to go on the internet, talk to the poop sheets, or be a mark and go on Twitter, he'll be a man and do it in the ring next week!

X Division Title/Ladder Match: Sonjay Dutt vs Trevor Lee

Sonjay goes right after Trevor as the bell rings, beating the tar out of him and tossing him across the ring by the hair.  Trevor goes to the floor, but Sonjay goes right after him and rams him into the barricade.  Trevor rams Sonjay into the barricade right back, then they head back into the ring where Sonjay immediately reclaims control by snapping Lee over with a flying headscissors.  Lee goes to the floor and goes for a ladder, Sonjay goes after him, and baseball slides the ladder right into Trevor Lee's face.  Sonjay hits a springboard moonsault to the floor, but misses something and Lee hits a running punt across the ring apron.  He brings the ladder into the ring and starts to climb, Sonjay is back in and pulls him down.  Sonjay hits a release vertical suplex on the ladder as we go to commercial.

We're back, and Trevor is still firmly in control.  Trevor Lee brings a table into the ring and a second ladder, which he bridges between the ladder and the ropes.  Sonjay drop toeholds him into the ladder bridge, then puts Lee on top of it and comes off the top with a splash onto Lee on the ladder.  YEOUCH!!!  Sonjay starts to climb, but Caleb Konley runs in and powerbombs Sonjay off the ladder and through the table, then encourages Lee to get back in the ring.  Suddenly, Petey Williams runs in!  He gives Caleb Konley the Canadian Destroyer and then yells at Sonjay to get up.  He gets to the apron, but Lee is already in the ring and throws a ladder at Sonjay, knocking him back to the floor.  Lee sets up a ladder and climbs, Sonjay springboards onto the ladder, knocks Lee backward onto the other ladder, and grabs the belt.

Winner: Sonjay Dutt

Great match and another hell of a surprise return!

McKenzie Mitchell is backstage with Bobby Lashley, who asks if she watches the show and knows what he does.  He's not an X Division guy, he's going out there to destroy someone who is keeping him away from his World Title.

OVE vs Two Guys Who Are Going To Lose

Jake Crist starts off...and takes a high knee to the face right out of the gate and goes down like a bag of rocks.  Jake boots Loser #1 in the face, gets him in a fireman's carry, and finds himself in an O'Connor roll for 2.  Jake with a boot to the face again and tags Dave in, and he has much better luck.  Loser #2 tags in and eats a few stereo kicks and knees, then Dave hits a pump kick...and runs into a Codebreaker from #1, a springboard Codebreaker from #2, but then Jake is back in with another big boot and a hard forearm.  #2 comes off the top right into a superkick from Jake, then Jake and Dave hit stereo big boots for the win.

Winners: Big Boots R Us

Jake and Dave Crist have an underwhelming debut, but did the job.  The guys they beat got too much offense in.

Moose and Ethan Carter III both interrupt Jim Cornette's cell phone call to demand to be included in the gauntlet.  Eli Drake and Chris Adonis come in to do the same, and Cornette says Drake is in and he's #1 so he can prove how awesome he is.

We see another video package with Team America Pro saying Bobby Lashley needs to quit wrestling, the history between Lashley and Matt Sydal, and we're at commercial.

We're back, and it's...MAIN EVENT TIME!

Bobby Lashley vs Matt Sydal

Sydal zips around Lashley and fires kicks at Lashley's legs, but Lashley rolls right over Sydal with a shoulderblock.  Sydal hits a leaping enziguiri, but Lashley hits a crossbody for 2.  Sydal gets a Frankensteiner with a double leg cradle for 2, then lays Lashley out with a series of kicks.  Lashley botches a powerbomb, so he hauls Sydal back up to hit a Frankensteiner, which I assume is what they planned to do.  Sydal hits a standing moonsault, but Lashley kicks out before even a 1.  We're at commercial.

We're back, and Lashley whips Sydal into the barricade right in front of his buddies, and high fives them as he stands on Sydal's throat.  Lashley whips Sydal from corner to corner, each ttime Sydal hits hard enough to shake the entire ring.  Lashley covers for 2, then hits a charging spear in the corner.  Lashley puts the boots to Sydal and unloads with right hands before choking him on the middle rope.  Lashley with a big velayed vertical suplex, one handed for several seconds, then drops Sydal and sets for the spear.  Sydal dodges the spear, ducks a clothesline, and lays Lashley out with a leg lariat.  Sydal counters a powerslam attempt into a DDT for 2.  Sydal goes to the top, Lashley is up and goes up top with him, Sydal blocks and knocks Lashley into the ring and connects with a double kneestrike off the top for 2.  Sydal with a kick to the ribs, another to the head, and he comes off the ropes...right into a spinebuster from Lashley for 2.  Lashley powers Sydal up into a powerslam for 2.  Lashley nearly puts Sydal through the mat with a Dominator, but only gets 2.  Lashley goes to the floor for a chair, the ref takes it from him when he brings it back into the ring, Lashley grabs it back, and Sydal spinkicks the chair into Lashley's face.  Sydal quickly drags Lashley to the corner, goes to the top, hits the Sydal Press...and lands on Lashley's knees.  Lashley goes for the spear, Sydal sidesteps and rolls Lashley up, and that's all she wrote!

Winner: Matt Sydal

Wow!  America Top Team doesn't look happy, and one of them grabs the referee and chokes him, but Lashley quickly intervenes to stop him and calm him down.

Hey, Johnny Impact is coming to GFW!  We'll see what he's about soon, but that's it for Destination X!  Thanks for reading, and as always, I'll be back in the Elite section on Sunday to discuss Impact and more with Dave Scherer on the Stu & Pid Show!

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