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By Mike Johnson on 2017-08-16 17:51:00

In regard to Ric Flair's condition, he is still currently in critical condition in Atlanta, GA.

A source close to the situation told that while reports are out there that Flair had surgery on his colon, those are incorrect.    It appears those stories began because Gene Okerlund mistakenly said colon on social media.

The surgery was actually on Flair's bowels due to a massive obstruction caused by a health issue that was complicated by other health issues that Flair had been dealing with, including heart issues that he was already aware of.  The situation turned dire when Flair's kidneys shut down due to the obstruction and he is currently undergoing dialysis that will hopefully fix the situation and allow them to return to normal.

Flair was in extremely bad shape several days ago but the outlook, we are told, is better.  However, we were cautioned that he is still in critical condition and anything can happen, so he's not out of the woods yet and is expected to need at least one more surgery in the weeks to come.  

This is NOT a case where Flair will wake up tomorrow and leave the hospital the next day. 

Keep your prayers coming.

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