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By Dave Shichman on 2017-08-13 03:16:00

Here are some thoughts, really eventful show, bad injury etc....

The show opened with the usual announcements and welcome from Jimmy Smallman. The crowd was really loud and excited. It was announced that Pete Dunne was not cleared to compete due to the injury he suffered last night in Brooklyn.  He spoke on the mic for a bit before Gallagher came out. Back and forth mic work, really clear heel/face distinction.

Jack Gallagher vs. Zack Gibson - I think this was my favorite match of the night, Jack was SUPER over. He is a really strong babyface, really worked the crowd, this was excellent.

Jinny & Deonna Purazzo vs Dahlia Black & Dakota Kai - Loved this match. Dakota Kai was super over. Deonna Purazzo picked up the victory.

Atlas Championship No.1 Contender Match: Donovan Dijak vs Timothy Thatcher.  Dijak won.

No Disqualification: Jimmy Havoc vs Joey Janela.  Not my cup of tea, but probably great if you enjoy this style. They used chairs, tables, doors, cinder blocks, and thumbtacks. I think Jimmy Havoc won. They did a really cool spot where Joey Janela was sitting on a chair in the corner and Havoc gave him AND the chair a Monkey Flip, so Janela landed seated in the middle of the ring.

At intermission someone proposed to his girlfriend, who accepted.

Mark Andrews vs. Mark Haskins vs. Keith Lee vs. Austin Theory.   Mark Haskins with the victory, excellent fast paced match. With Gibson working the opener, this match became a 4-way with Austin Theory (who is showing lots of charisma since his recent heel turn in EVOLVE) and Keith "Bask in my glory" Lee, who is an absolute superstar.

PROGRESS Tag Team Championships: British Strong Style (c) vs South Pacific Power Trip.   A few minutes into the match TK Cooper went for a twisting moonsault like move off the top rope to all three members of British Strong Style on the outside, but from my view he landed right in between them all, nobody really breaking his fall. Immediately the X went up, a seriously break of some kind in his leg. The other wrestlers came out and eventually carried him to the back, scary moment. The promoter later said he had a "dislocated ankle, but its not looking good". Travis Banks said he "still wanted to fight" and challenged British Strong Style to a handicap match, which he won. 

PROGRESS Atlas Championship: WALTER (c) vs. Matt Riddle.   Matt Riddle won the championship, great main event. As hard hitting as one would expect from these 2. Riddle is over huge. 

Some general thoughts on the show:

Although from many points of view the show was a huge success, great matches, 1,500 people, amazing energy, it has to be said that the ELMCOR Center was unbearably hot, to the point that my friend and I considered leaving. Its a disservice to the audience and even to the wrestlers to run shows in that heat.  It seemed to me they were unprepared for the heat and the number of people. They ran out of sizes and shirts very early into the night, and ran out of water for a while in the first hour. There were hundreds of Bullet Club shirts in the crowd. A passionate, loud and surprisingly friendly, well-behaved crowd for the most part. Good stuff.

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