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By Mike Johnson on 2017-08-12 08:23:00

As our own Stu Carapola has been covering here on, WWE NXT Women's champion Asuka inches ever closer to making history with her championship reign.

This morning, Newsweek's Tufayel Ahmed interviewed Asuka bout coming to 500 days as champion.  You can read the complete interview by clicking here.

Highlights from the piece:

Asuka on making history: "When I decided to sign a contract with WWE, I decided two things.  I was determined not only to win, but to leave [breaking] records. That is something I feel like I can do as a return to WWE [for hiring me].”

On joining WWE and changing women's wrestling in the company: "I wanted to change women’s wrestling in WWE. In wrestling, men and women do the same thing, but sometimes the men look more powerful and more impressive. I am trying my best to fill the gap between men and women,” says Asuka.

On adjusting to life in America: "It was my first time living in the U.S., but they were so supportive.  The language was a big wall for me...I’m still struggling. Driving is an issue. When I was in Japan, I didn’t have to drive all the time, but here in Florida, you have to drive all the time. But American people are very friendly, cheerful and kind to me. So I’m really thankful to the American people.”

Asuka will defend the NXT Women's championship against Ember Moon next Saturday 8/19 at Takeover: Brooklyn III.

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