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By Richard Trionfo on 2017-08-12 00:15:00

We begin with a video package for the Ring of Honor World Title Match between Cody Rhodes and Christopher Daniels.

We are in Lowell, Massachusetts and your announcers are Ian Riccaboni and Rico De La Vega.

Silas Young and The Beer City Bruiser are in the ring and Silas says it is like every week they have to come out and re-explain things to these simpletons.  It is getting kind of disgusting.  Bruiser has been making Silas damn proud and he is proud to call him a friend.  It has now been 43 days since we last saw Jay Lethal on Ring of Honor television. 

That is 43 days of Bruiser making him prouder and prouder.  It was 43 days ago that Jay Lethal was in the center of the ring when you took that beer keg and put it in the ring for Silas to hit Misery.  Lethal bent the steel.  That made Silas proud.  Then they wedged that keg in the turnbuckle as you squashed his body into the steel.  Silas says he saw Jay beg and plead for Silas to stop.

Silas says that Bruiser exceeded expectations because it was his idea to take the table out and be the unselfish man that he is.  Bruiser climbed to the top of the ring and gave Jay the greatest frog splash he has ever seen.  You left Jay laying on the floor.  Silas says he knows that Jay is at home grasping onto his ribs asking why did you do this to him.  If you are smart, you will never show your face on Ring of Honor Television ever.

The lights go down and Jay Lethal’s music plays and Jay makes his way to the ring.
Lethal avoids Silas and punches Silas.  Jay hits Bruiser with the sign and then he punches Bruiser in the ring.  Lethal with a back elbow off the turnbuckles to Young and he punches Silas.  Jay hits Silas and Bruiser with the chair in the ribs and then in the back.

Security comes to the ring and they are not effective at all.

Lethal hits Bruiser with a chair again and then Lethal hits Young in the ribs and back with the chair.  Lethal hits Young in the ribs with the top of the chair. 

More security comes to the ring and Lethal punches one of them and Lethal suggests that the other leave and Jay pushes him off the apron to the floor.

Lethal with Lethal Injection to Young. 

We go to commercial.

Match Number One:  Cody Rhodes versus Christopher Daniels for the Ring of Honor World Title in a Two out of Three Falls Match

Fall Number One

Daniels goes to the floor and stretches on the guardrails.  Daniels gets back into the ring and Cody does some push ups.  Daniels approaches him and Cody stops.  Cody does more push ups.  Cody gets the crowd to chant to mock Daniels and Daniels is not happy.

They lock up and Cody with an arm drag and a side head lock for a near fall.  They lock up again and Cody with a side head lock.  Cody holds on when Daniels tries to send him off the ropes.  Daniels with a forearm to the ribs but Cody with a shoulder tackle.  Daniels with a hip toss and slam.  Daniels with a knee to the back.  Daniels counters a suplex into a delayed gourdbuster.  Cody forces Daniels to back into the corner and Daniels goes to the floor. 

Daniels returns to the ring to stop the count and then he returns to his argument with a fan at ringside.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Cody with a side head lock and shoulder tackle.  Cody with a kick and a drop down uppercut for a near fall.  Cody with a hammer lock and arm bar.  Daniels backs Cody into the turnbuckles and Daniels with an elbow.  Daniels with an Irish whip and Cody floats over.  Daniels with a punch. 

Daniels chokes Cody in the ropes and rakes the face.  Daniels with a fish hook in the ropes.  Daniels with a forearm and a drop kick.  Daniels goes for a drop kick through the ropes and Cody sends Daniels into the guardrails and apron.  Cody sets for a drop kick but Cody sees Daniels move so Cody stops and he pokes Daniels in the eyes.

Daniels with an Irish whip into the guardrails.  The referee checks on Cody and he has ringside security help fix his injured shoulder.  Daniels sends Cody into the ring and he kicks Cody in the shoulder.  Daniels chokes Cody in the ropes and then he tries to send Cody into the turnbuckles but Cody blocks it and sends Daniels into the turnbuckles and hits Beautiful Disaster to send Daniels to the floor.  Cody sends Daniels back in he goes for a springboard move but Daniels hits the ropes and Cody hands on the ropes.  Daniels with a shoulder to send Cody to the floor.  Daniels sends Cody into the apron. 

Daniels gets a near fall and we go to commercial.

We are back and Daniels with a waist lock and Cody with elbows to get out of the hold.  Daniels with a slam and he goes for the Arabian Press and hits it for a near fall.  Daniels responds to a fan at ringside but he kicks Cody in the ribs.  Daniels goes up top but Cody with a double jump arm drag off the top turnbuckle.  Daniels with a shoulder to the midsection and Cody with a forearm and clothesline.  Daniels with an Irish whip and Cody leaps over a charging Daniels.  Cody with a power slam for a near fall.  Daniels with a sunset flip for a near fall.

Cody with a figure four leg lock but Daniels gets to the ropes, but the hold has done damage to Daniels’ knee.  Cody tries for Rainmaker but misses.  Cody with an elbow.  Daniels kicks Cody into the referee and the referee goes down.  Daniels with a kick to the ding ding.  Cody kicks Daniels in the ding ding and both are down.  Frankie Kazarian comes to the ring and he brings a chair.  Kazarian talks to the referee to distract him but Marty Scurll comes out and punches Kazarian.  The referee stops Daniels from using the chair and Cody with a rollup for the three count.

Winner Fall Number One:  Cody (1 Fall to None)

Before the official start of Fall Number Two, Daniels hits Cody in the back with a steel chair.

We go to commercial.

Fall Number Two

We are back and Cody is down on the floor and Daniels breaks the referee’s count.  Daniels with a uranage back breaker.  Daniels returns to the ring and the referee starts his count.  Cody gets back into the ring right before the twenty count.  Daniels with a chop to the back of the neck.  Daniels with more shots to the back.  Daniels with elbows to the back of the neck and Daniels goes for a Death Valley Driver but Cody gets to his feet.  Daniels with a punch from the corner but Cody with a clothesline.  Daniels with a flatliner and both men are down.

Cody and Daniels with punches.  Cody with a kick but Daniels with an elbow.  Cody with jabs and he sets for the Son of Bionic Elbow and hits it.  Cody with an elbow drop for a near fall.  Daniels blocks a suplex but dropping down.  Daniels avoids a suplex.  Cody sets for Cross Rhodes but Daniels with a snap mare.  Daniels hits Cross Rhodes on Cody but gets a near fall.  Daniels calls for Angel’s Wings but Cody with a back drop and Daniels bridges out.  Daniels with Angel’s Wings but Cody kicks out.  Daniels argues with the referee.  Daniels with a uranage and he goes for the BME but Cody with a rollup for a near fall.  Daniels with a uranage but Cody moves on the BME.  Cody with Cross Rhodes for the three count.

Winner:  Cody

We go to credits.


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