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By Mike Johnson on 2017-08-10 21:28:00

During a podcast appearance for Sean Waltman earlier today in California, Drew McIntye revealed that Gabe Sapolsky was now working in some fashion for the WWE NXT brand's creative side.

"He’s fantastic," McIntyre told Waltman.  "He thinks so far ahead. He always just gets me...He’s in NXT now. He’s able to help me out. Gabe is able to say ’hey if we give you a mic in the ring that's like a stronger area for a guy who really wasn't a promo guy before.” has been told that Sapolsky was at the last set of NXT TV tapings.  There had been talk for some time about Sapolsky getting something of a tryout for the brand, working under NXT's Joe Belcastro.  It would appear he is in the middle of that process.

Sapolsky first broke into the business publishing a program for the original ECW and running a Sabu Fan Club in the early 1990s before working secretly as an assistant for Paul Heyman, something that wasn't revealed until after ECW closed.  He was the original booker for Ring of Honor during that promotion's rise to prominence until owner Cary Silkin removed him from the position.  That exit set the stage for the formation of Dragon Gate USA, which in turn led to the creation of EVOLVE and the WWNLive-related promotions.    He currently holds the title of Vice President of Talent Relations, Creative and Marketing of WWN. attempts to reach Sapolsky were unsuccessful.

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