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By Vanessa Jordan on 2017-08-10 08:15:00

Sienna wouldn't leave the ring until she found out who her opponent is for Destination X.  It's Gail Kim!  She came out and they brawled.

Naomichi Marufuji and Fantasma beat Garza Jr. and Laredo Kid.

Kongo Kong beat Joseph Park and Grado in a Handicap Match. Afterward, Van Ness stopped Kong again from killing Grado.  Kong went after Van Ness until Tyrus came out and made the save.

LAX beat The Veterans of Wall Street.

Taiji Ishimori beat ACH to advance in the Super X Cup tournament.  He will face Desmond Xavier in the final.

Bobby Lashley, Low Ki and Trevor Lee beat  Alberto El Patron, Sonjay Dutt and Matt Sydal.

After the match, the crowd wished a happy 50th birthday to Jeff Jarrett.

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