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By Matthew Macklin on 2017-08-09 15:01:00

Over the Top Wrestling's Wrestlerama will be available at tomorrow.

The card took place in Dublin's National Stadium on Saturday 8/5 and was the biggest independent card ever put together in Ireland. OTT has an atmosphere unlike any other promotion in the world, and is well worth checking out. OTT gives you everything from brawling, flying, technical wrestling & storytelling to whacky comedy with a higher level of production than your standard independent. Results from the show:

*Jordan Devlin defeated Matt Cross.  This was a really hot opener.

*2 Unlimited defeated Jody Fleisch & Johnny Storm.  Lots of crazy high flying, with great performances from two veterans of the UK scene, Fleisch & Storm.

*Charlie Sterling & Zack Gibson defeated The Lads From The Flats.  Solid tag match with Gibson & Sterling getting unbelievable heat before the match.

*Jimmy Havoc defeated Paul Tracey in a No Rules match.  Lots of brawling and weapon use. Tables, thumbtacks, and even and 8x10 used to cause harm.

*The Kings of the North defeated CCK (Travis Banks, Chris Brookes & Kid Lykos) to retain the OTT Tag Team titles.  This was an excellent match between two of the hottest trios in Europe. Lots of crazy tag sequences and big near falls.

*Ricochet defeated Matt Sydal.  Excellent match with Sydal working over the knee of Ricochet.

*Joey Ryan & Angel Cruz defeated B Cool & Candice LeRae.  This really has to be seen to be believed. Mick Foley, who was commissioner for the show, got involved at the end.

*British Strong Style defeated Jeff Cobb & War Machine.  This was absolutely incredible. One of the wildest matches ever in OTT with brawling all over the building and ridiculous feats of strength on display. Worth the price of the show alone. 

*Session Moth Martina defeated Katey Harvey to win the OTT Women's Championship.  Martina' entrance here was a spectacle that really needs to be seen. Almost 2000 people raving with glow sticks. 

*Mark Haskins defeated Ryan Smile & Marty Scurll to win the NLW Heavyweight Championship .  This was an outstanding main event with incredible performances from all three guys, particularly Smile, who has been killing it with his storytelling and facial expressions ever since turning heel a few months ago.  

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