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By Mike Johnson on 2017-08-11 12:25:00

The first GFW Amped! PPV will air tonight at 8 PM EST in place of the usual One Night Only PPVs.  

Promotional material for the PPV notes:

"Global Force Wrestling Amped emanates from the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas. Over a 3 month period, GFW Founders Jeff and Karen Jarrett rolled out an exciting new brand of professional wrestling. What you are about to watch is a mix of the best talent on the planet from every organization around the world.

In Part I we will see international stars in action like Sanada, PJ Black, Nick Aldis, Kushida, The Bollywood Boys, and Sonjay Dutt. Plus, check out up and coming stars like Kevin Kross, Kongo Kong, and Virgil Flynn. But lets not forget about the men and women like Mickie James, Bobby Roode, Brian Myers and Chris The Adonis Mordetzky in main event action.

Calling the action is none other than legendary MMA fighter and podcast mogul Chael Sonnen and international ring announcer Cyrus Fees. The road to the GFW gold starts now with four championship tournaments."   

The show will air via the Fite App.  You can download the Fite App for free for your cell phone or mobile device, by clicking here.    The App can be streamed from your phone to Samsung smart TVs as well as Roku devices, as long as the devices are on the same wifi network

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