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By Mike Johnson on 2017-08-08 12:15:00

Webster Hall, a legendary club venue in New York City, has been sold and will soon be shutting down for major renovations.  The longest running club in NYC actually hosted an episode of WWF Shotgun Saturday Night that featured what I believe was the first-ever singles match between Bret Hart and Mick Foley (as Mankind) in 1997.  That same night, Savio Vega was wrestling Rocky Maivia and I distinctly remember that the NYC crowd was just savage towards Maivia, as at the time he was sugary-sweet babyface, as he was held in a chinlock by Vega.  WWF went to commercial break and during that entire break the future Rock (still trapped in the hold) was talking trash, cursing at the fan.  When WWF went back on the air, Maivia was back to selling and being the sugary babyface again.  It was hilarious.  I am personally sad to see the venue closing as I've seen everyone from Faith No More to Green Day to Luscious Jackson play there and it was one of those wonderful dumps that at one point in my life, was the destination on my weekends.  Everything passes with time.

The CBC is reporting that legendary wrestler Billy Two Rivers has come to a settlement with classic rock star Van Morrison after filing a lawsuit last month over the usage of his image on a new album Morrison is releasing.  Rivers claimed in the suit that no one representing the musician ever came to him for permission.   To read the CBC report, click here.

Online now in the Elite section of is a 60 minute discussion with author Brennon Martin discussing his new book Teeny, a "biographical novel" on his grandmother, legendary promoter Christine Jarrett, what led to him writing the book, growing up in a wrestling family, why so many of the wrestlers feared her, whether they were willing to open up for the book, how Jarrett gained prominence working for Roy Welch and Nick Gulas, the Jarrett-Gulas split and how she handled that, her reaction to Jerry Jarrett becoming a wrestler, what she did to try and prevent it, giving Jim Cornette his first job in pro wrestling, why Christine took a shine to Cornette, how the Jarrett family responded to the book, how he feels his grandmother would have felt about it, a romance she had with someone in the business that was pretty much hidden from everyone and tons more about the book and Christine's legacy!  You can listen to the interview now by subscribing to the Elite section at  You can order Martin's book  Teeny - Professional Wrestling's Grand Dame, by clicking here.

Speaking of Memphis, a Fabulous Ones reunion featuring Stan Lane and Steve Keirn is set for the Legends of the Ring convention in Monroe, NJ this October.  I wonder if they are bringing the top hats.

Abyss is wrestling in Kansas this weekend.

While each has worked in the venue before, this Saturday's House of Hardcore event at the 2300 Arena will be the first time The Rock N' Roll Express will compete as a team in the former ECW Arena.

This Saturday's Icons of Wrestling convention this Saturday 8/12, prior to the House of Hardcore event, will feature Jim Ross' first-ever visit to the former ECW Arena.  Also appearing are Jerry Lawler, King Kong Bundy, Tony Schiavone, Bully Ray, The Godfather, Chavo Guerrero, Road Warrior Animal, Joey Mercury, The Killer Bees, Ted DiBiase, Tito Santana, Papa Shango, Nikolai Volkoff, Tommy Rich, Velvet McIntyre, The Patriot, Petey Williams, Madison Rayne, JJ Dillon, Ken Anderson, 2 Cold Scorpio, Tommy Dreamer, Shane Douglas, The Blue Meanie, Gary Michael Cappetta and more.  This is the second appearance for Petey Williams of late, so it appears he's starting to take bookings again after retiring in 2014, but the landscape for talents at the time was way different than it is now.

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