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By Mike Johnson on 2017-08-07 12:30:00

WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler filmed a pilot episode for a new TV series Jerry Lawler's Classic Memphis Wrestling which (if it is picked up locally) would broadcast classic Memphis material from the old TV show and live events from Mid-South Wrestling.  Bill Dundee joined Lawler for the pilot.   They have several potental homes for the series locally, but nothing is set in stone yet.   

Cerrito Live, which airs on Saturdays on Sports 56/87.7 FM in Memphis featured an interview with Lawler this past weekend discussing filming the pilot and a number of other pro wrestling-related topics, including how off the cuff and unscripted Talking Smack is when it aired on the WWE Network.

During the interview, Lawler suggested that perhaps WWE could air the series after it debuts episodes in Memphis.  Ownership of the Memphis library was brought up.  Lawler noted that he has a lot of the old Memphis library between old 3 quarter inch tapes, VHS tapes and DVDs.  Lawler noted that he technically owns the material, so he could even pull content off YouTube and use it ifnecessary.

The Lawler interview can be heard at this link starting at the 36 minute mark.

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