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By Mike Johnson on 2017-08-06 10:00:00


I really find Sanity and The Authors of Pain to be quite an interesting match-up (And I have enjoyed the segments in recent weeks) is Sanity's Wolfe and Dain the team to defeat the unbeaten Authors or should there dominate reign continue futrther?

I personally wouldn't do a title change yet but I am really looking forward to what should be a really physical match when they face off.

I really want to start watching New Japan, I've heard so many great things about. Every great match I read about seems to from there aswell. So with that been said Ive a few questions about I hope you can help (Im not exactly the most tech savvy guy) So Im from Ireland, how do I watch it here? Do they run a weekly show (like RAW), Is there English commentary available and could you recommend any matches to go back and watch. Thanks

I would subscribe to their streaming service, New Japan World if I was you.  It's the best way to watch the material.  There is a weekly series but I don't believe it currently airs in Ireland.  New Japan World does have an English interface and the major shows have really great English commentary with Kevin Kelly and Don Callis.  That's the way to go.  I would really watch the G1 Climax from the start this year as it's had great wrestling and the English commentary will fill you in on the stories and character backgrounds.

I have been a wrestling fan for over 30. I have had the WWE Network since it came out. I really enjoyed the legends programs like legends of wrestling and legends with JBL. These shows were awesome to watch because they wrestled hen I was a kid and young fan. I was upset that these shows were cancelled. My question is do you think WWE is trying to push away us older fans and making shows for younger viewers?

It's not a slight at older fans, because WWE wants everyone's money.  They simply aren't seeing the viewership for these series, so they move on to trying something else.  I love wrestling history as much as the next diehard fan but if it's not making the company money, they can't keep doing it.

Every report/spoiler/results I have read involving Jinder Mahal (since he's een Champion), whether televised, house show, or dark match, he's always won be DQ with the Singh Bros. interfering. He needs a decisive win over someone...anyone. He could have gotten that with Orton and establish himself as legit in the eyes of fans. Losing to Cena in a dark match is fine. But he better not lose to Cena (if he does face him at Summerslam). That would be the worst thing. I'm already predicting a Mahal loss.

Most of the glory run of the Four Horsemen, Ric Flair was getting DQ'd.  I get the need and want for clean finishes, but WWE doesn't want their villains to be dominant competitors - they want them to be evil characters and you have to break the rules if you are the bad guy.  You also have to remember the average audience member isn't paying attention to all the live events and results like you are, so it hurts Mahal in your eyes more than the nine year old and their dad watching the show for fun.

Recently, videos and social media posts have been popping up for GFW Amped which I believe was the GFW pilot that was filmed years ago but never aired anywhere. In the videos and posts GFW is positioning it like its a new or upcoming event featuring NXT champion Bobby Roode. Are their any legal ramifications for that? I know GFW owns the footage but pushing it like its a new upcoming appearance for another company while Roode is signed to NXT seems like it has to not be ok. If nothing else, I think it make GFW look insipid for promoting someone else's champion rather than promoting their own, current talent.

Zero legal ramifications.  They own the footage and it was filmed before those performers signed with WWE.  You can't be mad at the company for trying to maximize their content.  What are they going to say, "Come watch our old footage?"  They wouldn't be promoting their current talent with old footage anyway!


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