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By Mike Johnson on 2017-08-05 10:00:00

Great job on the site as always – thank you for all the work you do.  I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the first two days of the Mae Young Classic, and the women absolutely killed it.  If some people are still making a distinction between “women’s wrestling” and “men’s wrestling,” they won’t be able to after the Classic airs – that’s how much talent and effort those women displayed.  With that said, can you see WWE creating a distinct women’s brand that could do mini-tours like NXT?  They could easily pull enough talented women to form a core roster (e.g., Kairi Sane, Toni Storm, Shayna Baszler, Tessa Blanchard, Jazzy Gabert, Mia Yim, Rachel Evers, to name a few).  I imagine they could run a weekly program on the network as well.  What do you guys think?

I really love the idea, but I also see how the Cruiserweights have been treated on 205 Live.  I actually would prefer they do quarterly Clash of Champions type specials with the female talent, running them on months that they aren't holding NXT Takeover events, but with all the costcutting inside the company currently, I don't think we'll see either option anytime soon.

Were there ever any plans on turning Alexa Bliss into wrestling's version of Batman's nemesis Harley Quinn?

They have sort of had her appearance inspired by the cinematic version of the character, but I don't believe they will go farther than that.

With WWE signing both Bobby Fish and now Kyle O'Reilly, are there thoughts of reforming REDragon?

It's a no brainer that at some point it will happen.  There's even been talk of putting all the former ROH talents coming in together in one group.

What were your thoughts on the Nakamura-Cena botch where Cena landed on his neck? It seemed that while Nakamura may've under estimated the power needed to throw Cena, but also that Cena had a momentary lapse and tucked his chin rather than looking back (similar to the dangers of the Styles clash). I hope that theres no heat and is just chocked up to a fluke. Any word on heat on Nakamura? I know Cena forgave him in the ring but also know that things have a way of changing once they’re in the back. 

It was seen as a fluke thing backstage.  I haven't heard of any heat on Nakamura over the issue.  He immediately apologized to Cena in the ring and Cena told him it was fine.  It wasn't an attempt to injure Cena purposely.

I was just reading about Germany's Westside Xtreme Wrestling sighning david Starr vs.davis Crist as part of a 2 hr.iron man double main even..I know that Mercedes Martinez wrestled Alisha Edwards (fka Lexxus)in a 90 min.match for WSU,and I saw Chikara have their annual gran toreno match go for about 1 hr.40 min,and I seem to recall Chris Hero wrestling for 8 hrs,but i'd like to know exactly what the longest match in professional wrestling history was

I would think Hero doing the eight hour gauntlet probably takes the win here.

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