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By Dave Scherer on 2017-08-03 11:08:00

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I keep hearing how being on or being sent to 205 Live is the kiss of death. Do you think that perception would change almost overnight if Triple H where put in charge as he is with NXT? 

It would depend.  If H were in charge completely, as in the presentation on both Raw and 205 Live?  Then yes, maybe.  But since he wouldn’t be in charge of how the talent is used on Raw, I don’t see it making any difference.

While I am thrilled that WWE chose to Nakamura beat Cena to go to Summerslam against Jinder Mahal, it seems to be a complete 180 from how Nakamura's has been booked recently.  Do you think that since he's been feuding with Baron Corbin, that this is a way to set up Corbin cashing in MITB immediately after Nakamura beats Jinder? Then they can continue with the Nakamura and Corbin feud.

As I said on the show with Mike yesterday, I wouldn’t be shocked to see a situation where Corbin comes out near the end of the match and, say, attacks Jinder, to get Nakamura DQ’d.  He lays out both men and then cashes in, beating Mahal and taking the Title.  With John Cena gone to Raw, it would be a good way to try and elevate all three guys, giving Corbin feuds with two people.  I could definitely see him playing into the match.

My question is in relation to how WWE markets things in a misleading way. I was watching the Smackdown highlights on their youtube site and a pop up came up saying ‘Watch every Smackdown ever on WWE network’ which of course isn’t true, as there is at least 1 months missing due to the terms of their USA network deal. Another that springs to mind is ‘Once in a lifetime Rock vs Cena’, in essence buy this show we are selling, you wont see this match again – only to do a rematch at the next Wrestlemania. How do they get round such marketing? Is it in essence legal what they are doing?

First with Smackdown.  I don’t have a problem.  Eventually every one will be there.  In the case of “once in a lifetime” it’s true the first time.  And even if they do it a second time, it’s hype and hyperbole.  Basically, what they say is the truth is the truth.

How good did Chad Gable look against Rusev?! He looked great against Styles and against Owens, but for me, this a real Terry Funk vs Eddie Guerrero moment, in which Rusev allowed Gable to look great but got the win himself. If Rusev squashes someone next week, it’ll make Gable look even better and keep (help) Rusev to look strong still. I am now a Chad Gable as a singles wrestler fan.

I love Gable.  He can go in the ring and plays his character well.  I seriously hope he doesn’t get lost in the shuffle with Jason Jordan’s move to Raw.

My question though is this - Gable used his amateur wrestling background all the way through, Tom Phillips asked when the last time we saw someone Gable’s size manhandle someone Rusevs size and JBL answered ‘Kurt Angle’, Gable did the moonsault, Gable used suplexes all the way through, Gable used the Ankle Lock. Am I reading too much into this or did they accidentally give Kurt Angle the wrong card (a la the Oscars in February) and he read out Jason Jordan instead of Chad Gable?

You are definitely reading too much into it!

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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