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By Dave Scherer on 2017-08-02 10:00:00

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Why is it that every time when a match involving multiple wrestlers are fighting for themselves (3-ways, 4-ways, Money in the Banks, multi-man Ladder matches, whatever), they are put in tag team matches before the actual match as faces versus heels? Even though the promotion always makes it a huge deal that it's every man for themselves, they never mix it up and have  face/heel versus face/heel. It's so boring and predictable. I would actually be more interested in seeing the main match if I saw a face/heel mixed team and what's going to happen then.

It’s their process and why there is a sameness to the product.  To be fair, sometimes the heels and faces do have issues with each other in those matches, but I get your point.

Was the whole Matt Hardy, Edge, and Lita love triangle a work or shoot? It is my understanding that it was real, but turned into a work when the WWE made it into a storyline. And if I remember correctly, Matt Hardy was let go, then brought back when WWE made it a work. 

It was a shoot that became a work.

I'm a huge Pink Floyd fan and over the years have seen many Floyd shows as well as more recently David Gilmour and Roger Waters solo shows. One thing with these shows have in common is they are huge traveling productions. After seeing Roger Waters recent show (which was awesome and I highly recommend) I read a review that pointed out the tour traveled with 18 semis and 85 crew members. It got me wondering about what a huge production WWE Raw and Smackdown are. From a production standpoint do you have stats on what they have on the road on a weekly basis?

I forget the exact number but 18 to 20 semis filled with stuff sounds about right.  I don’t know the exact number of people at TV but 85 or more is probably right in the ballpark.  If you ever got to a TV product just got to the back of the building.  You will see a ton of WWE semis.

Has WWE quit using pyro? I've noticed the last several weeks that certain wrestlers like Brock and AJ who always had pyro no longer do in their entrance. Also, GBOF and Raw didn't start the show with pyro.

Yes, they have done so as a cost cutting measure, as BG James said on his twitter recently.

Obviously from the audio tape, even out of context, it's clear Paige needs help. I know she has burnt a lot of bridges with her bosses due to her actions within her relationship with Alberto but surely the WWE would support a member of the team who appears to need help, right?

If Paige asked for help I am sure WWE would give it.  She still works for them after all.  But the first step for anyone that needs help is to acknowledge the fact and accept it.  

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