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By Dave Scherer on 2017-08-01 10:00:00

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I read online that Big Cass had heat with the locker room because he was a proponent of President Trump.  Is that true?

All I was told was that Cass mentioned something about Trump at a house show and Sami Zayn was incredulous to it.  I didn’t hear anything other than that.  I have asked a few people that have told me “heat with the locker room over that” isn’t true.

Also, I read online that Braun Strowman got down on his hands and knees after a run in with Karen Angle at a bar after Raw and begged her to not tell Kurt Angle that Braun had refused to give their son an autograph.  Have you been able to corroborate that?

No, I have not.  In fact, the people I spoke with said that is not how the altercation went down at all.

Why is it that other sites run with stories like this if they don’t triple check them first?

First off just let me say that just because we don't get the same story as another outlet, that doesn't mean their story is wrong.  That is not the case all of the time.  Different reporters have sources that tell them things that we don't hear.  With that said, in some cases, the person that reports it gets a story from a single source, which they trust, and they run with it.  If that person gets the wrong story, you can look bad.  In the case of most of the sites out there, they run it for page views.  They cite the credible source and if it’s wrong, it’s not their fault but they still make ad money.

Every report/spoiler/results I have read involving Jinder Mahal (since he's been Champion), whether televised, house show, or dark match, he's always won be DQ with the Singh Bros. interfering. He needs a decisive win over someone...anyone. He could have gotten that with Orton and establish himself as legit in the eyes of fans. Losing to Cena in a dark match is fine. But he better not lose to Cena (if he does face him at Summerslam). That would be the worst thing. I'm already predicting a Mahal loss.

Well, we will find out tonight if Cena gets the shot (I fear he will too, as WWE has programmed me to think that way).  If he does take on Jinder for the Title, it will all be on the line.  So far Jinder has been able to slough off the way he has won but I agree with you, he needs some real wins, which he gets on his own.  If they use Cena for that, it would be a great start.

I don't know anything about stocks or trading, but isn't there something illegal about selling your stock right before breaking news on it? If the WWE execs who just sold their stock have inside knowledge of how the earnings are (and nobody other than them have WWE Network numbers), couldn't they be investigated?

There is definitely a law against insider trading of stock, but there has to be a trigger or impetus.  If WWE announced they were down to 500,000 subscribers last Thursday, a case could be made.  But WWE didn’t announce anything like that so there is no case to be made.  

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