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By Dave Scherer on 2017-07-31 10:00:00

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It was so sad the way they ended the title match. Why does WWE feel that for a heel to be a champion he has to win by nefarious means, and never really win the match by himself? I was not surprised that Orton lost, but in such a cheap way? It's such a shame, because I know that, like me, people feel it diminishes the title and the wrestler holding it. Such a shame.

That is how they like to book most of their heels, as cheaters and cowards that only win in that kind of manner.  It isn’t always a bad call, but when you have a guy like Jinder, who was vaulted onto the scene, you need to be smart in how you book him.  Having him need three other people to help him beat a one-armed Randy Orton isn’t a good way of doing that in my opinion.

Instead of WWE having a preshow or kickoff show before a PPV, Wouldn’t it be better to call it the “WWE Network Exclusive” part of the PPV. That way no match has to suffer been on the preshow, no tittle gets relegated and surely its puts pressure on subscribers to tune in. Thoughts?

Two things, one everyone knows it’s still the pre-show match as it won’t air on traditional PPV.  Two, they stream the pre-game show on YouTube for free to try and get people to buy.  So I don’t see it changing.

Hello, is Hornswoggle there? lol Oh boy, here we go again, with another "he's my son" storyline. Does Creative ever think of the future, even months down the road? I think it makes no sense to have Jason Jordan be his son for a number of reasons; to me, Chad Gable would have been a better choice. So is this the end of American Alpha? How do you think this whole storyline will play out? Where is Shelton Benjamin?

They do plan.  You may not like what they have planned, but they do it.  At the end of the day, they chose to use Angle to try and elevate Jordan.  I have no problem with that.  Elevating guys is the idea.

With the recent purchased of the NWA from R. Bruce Tharpe to Billy Corgan Lighting One, Inc. I check the USPTO site and Billy Corgan production company now owns the trademarks and rights to the NWA. So are there any updates on what is going on? It just seems like the news for this is pretty dead as of now. As a hardcore NWA fan that keeps up with promotions that come and go, I also keep title histories of all NWA promotions so I know that the current NWA licensed agreements end October the 1st. Is there anything new regarding anything that you guys can give us, also are you both going to try and get Billy back for a update on the NWA purchase and what are the future plans for the NWA under his ownership of the brand? '

All I know for sure is that whatever he will do is in the future right now.  Without a TV deal, it will limit what they can do.  I expect that they will conduct due diligence and see where they can take the brand.  Given that it has largely been dormant for years, there is no rush to get something done.

As a longtime industry observer, who do you determine is generally regarded (by wrestlers, journalists, fans) as the greatest of all time? Talking about as an overall pro wrestler here, not just as an in-ring guy.

This is like the “Who belongs on Mount Rushmore” question.  It’s very subjective.  It also depends on the criteria.  Is it the greatest in-ring wrestler?  The greatest all around wrestling (taking the non-wrestling things into account)?  Is it who drew the most?  Is it who became larger than life?  Is it who had the longest career and stayed on top?  Is it a mix of the above?  It’s so hard to say.  I could make a case for a few people, and also make a case against them.

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