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By Dave Scherer on 2017-07-30 10:00:00

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Does anybody feed Booker T his lines? Michael Cole and Corey Graves are constantly correcting him.

When you hear that stuff, that is just Booker being Booker.  Frankly, I find him really entertaining and a huge upgrade over David Otunga, even if Book does get stuff wrong from time to time.

Were is Dolph Ziggler? Is he injured? If not, its such a waste.

He is just not in a program on TV right now.  He is working house shows, but is not being used on TV.

If WWE were not PG, and aiming at a more adult crowd, do you think we would have at some point seen a heel John Cena and even Roman Reigns?

Reigns was a heel, when the Shield came up.  Now, WWE has to deal with the way that the fans react to him.  It’s not the kids that boo Reigns, it’s the adults.  If they turn him heel, they just may cheer Reigns.  Cena?  Well he sells a ton of merchandise and they are cognizant of that.  WWE sees him as their ambassador.  Maybe there would have been a time when they did it but I don’t think it would have been for long.  They like that merchandise money.

I was wondering where you think this Jason Jordan storyline will go. I believe it will end up being a scam to push Kurt Angle out of his role as GM so HHH and Stephanie can get back their power and lead to Kurt Angle vs. HHH at Wrestlemania. But what happens with Jordan?  I think it is too easy to make him the heel in this and while it makes sense for an active wrestler to fight HHH's battles, wouldn't it be cooler to have Jordan get scammed, too, or have him be part of the scam, only to develop a true mentor-mentee relationship with Angle?  I guess I want something unpredictable within the predictable WWE booking. Also, where does Corey Graves fit in?

You have put a lot more thought into it than I have.  Right now, it seems like a way to give Jordan a push.  Steph doesn’t need to do any of that to “get power back”.  In the storyline she is above Angle.  She just could take it back.

Can Michael Cole, or Vince, as he gives instruction from the back, please come up with a description for Braun Strowman other than “the monster among men?”   In my opinion, it has already been overused to the point that I cringe when I hear it.  Particularly when Braun caused the no-contest finish between Reigns and Joe, it seemed that nearly every sentence included the words “monster among men.”

They could, for sure, but that moniker is the one that Vince has chosen for Braun so they will keep ramming it on us.  That is how they market those things.

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