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By Matthew Macklin on 2017-07-27 15:14:00

G1 Climax Day 8

B Block

Tama Tonga defeated Juice Robinson.  Juice came into his limping and with his knee heavily taped after his match with Minoru Suzuki. That was obviously the target for Tonga. Juices selling here was just about as good as it gets. He showed loads of heart by fighting hard and getting back into the match with a lariat. There were some top notch counters between the Pulp Friction and Gun Stun. Tonga kicked out the knee and hit the hanging DDT for the near fall of the match. Juice again went for his finish only for Tonga to counter into the Gun Stun. Great finisher sequences have really been a big thing for both these guys in this tournament. This was great.

SANADA defeated Toru Yano via countout.  Lots of big near falls from Yano early after SANADA jumped him before the bell.  Yano countered the Skull End into a small package for an amazing near fall. After attempting it over and over, SANADA conceded that the hold wasn't gonna work, so he tied Yano up on the ramp with tape and put him in the Paradise Lock for an absolutely hilarious and brilliant count out win.

EVIL defeated Minoru Suzuki.   This was crazy. They started brawling immediately from the bell, spilling into the crowd. There were chairs used from both guys. Back in the ring the ref was knocked down, which led to Desperado being chased off by BUSHI. Taichi then showed up and was ran off by Hiromu.  There was then an explosive series of counters. Suzuki went for the sleeper, but EVIL countered and hit the STO to pick up a major win. The crowd exploded for the three count. Suzuki was put over as a killed in his last two matches, so this felt like a major moment for EVIL. Awesome stuff.

Kazuchika Okada defeated Satoshi Kojima.  You can always be sure of a great Kojima vs Okada match in the G1. These guys have unbelievable chemistry and it was another home run for them this year. We had Tenzan getting in Okada's face at one point early on. Okada controlled the pace until the veteran fought back in. Kojima hit a Koji Cutter from the top and a perfect Brainbuster for two great near falls. Kojima countered two Rainmakers with lariat variations and they were awesome. Okada got the win after a Tombstone and a Rainmaker. Incredible match.

Michael Elgin defeated Kenny Omega.   This was unbelievable!! An easy contender for match of the tournament. These two nailed each other with absolutely everything you can imagine. It was a spectacle.  We had an Elgin Bomb on the apron at one point. Elgin blasted Omega with three absolutely brutal lariats, one of which after he bounced out of a V-Trigger. A crucifix powerbomb after a reverse rana from Elgin got a huge near fall.  Omega hit a reverse rana of his own and several knees, but couldn't get the One Winged Angel. He did however hit a double underhook Piledriver. Omega amazingly kicked out of the Elgin Bomb, which was an unbelievable near fall. The finish saw Elgin drop Omega right on his head with two back drop drivers and he then hit a Burning Hammer. Elgin has had two of the best matches of his career in this tournament. This is must see.

The next show is on Saturday.

Current Block standings:

A Block
Tetsuya Naito 6
Zack Sabre Jr 6
Hiroshi Tanahashi 6
Bad Luck Fale 4
Hirooki Goto 4
Togi Makabe 4
Kota Ibushi 4
Tomohiro Ishii 4
Yuji Nagata 0

B Block
Kazuchika Okada 8
Kenny Omega 6
Minoru Suzuki 4
Michael Elgin 4
Tama Tonga 2
Toru Yano 2
Juice Robinson 2
Satoshi Kojima 0

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