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By Mike Johnson on 2017-07-27 10:28:00

With their second quarter earnings release this morning, World Wrestling Entertainment also announced the latest subscriber numbers for the WWE Network streaming service.  While revenue for the service was up from this quarter in 2016, the actual number of subscribers are down from the last time the company revealed subscriber figures - 4/3, the day after Wrestlemania 33.

Today, WWE announced 1,630,000 subscribers, a breakdown of 1,158,000 million domestically with another 410,000 international subscribers.  They did not specify paid vs. free subscribers.

On 4/3, WWE revealed during a post-Wrestlemania conference call that the Network subscriber count was 1,949,000 total subscribers.  Of that, 1,661,000 were paid customers (1,452,000 domestic subscribers, 1,237,000 paid; 497,000 international subscribers, 424,000 paid.)  Of course, those numbers were coming off of a massive promotional blitz that allowed new and returning subscribers to get up to three months of the service for free.

The company also advised today they expected a drop in subscribers for their Third Quarter earnings, suggesting paid subscriptions would be at the 1,5400,000 range.

 As we have mentioned numerous times on in the past, sources have pegged the company's current subscriber goals at the 2 million mark but they aren't anywhere near that yet.

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