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By Mike Johnson on 2017-07-29 10:10:00


With WrestleMania being in New Orleans again do you think it would be a perfect time for Dr Death Steve Williams to be inducted in the hall of fame?

I don't think of Dr. Death as a New Orleans guy, but I guess you could make the connection since Mid-South evolved into the UWF.  I'd love to see Williams inducted, period, but I don't see WWE rushin to do it.

As a longtime industry observer, who do you determine is generally regarded (by wrestlers, journalists, fans) as the greatest of all time? Talking about as an overall pro wrestler here, not just as an in-ring guy. Thanks.

I don't think there is an actual way to judge who is the best of all-time.  Pro wrestling is an artform and a piece of performance.  No one is going to see it exactly the same.  What I believe is that most people acknowledge that the best wrestlers are the ones they loved growing up.  I think it's very easy to see who has the best finesse and technical ability and to see who's working the hardest, but unless you are going by a specific criteria (time on top, money drawn, etc.), it's hard to use one paintbrush to determine everything, especially in a business where different styles work better in different regions vs. another.

During Shinsuke Nakamura entrance recently pyro was added, and thankfully taken away (his entrance is cool enough without pyro and pyro seemed to take some of the beauty away). Anyway Ryback had pyro in his entrance aswell. But for both fireworks where never shown on tv, all the audience heard was 2 loud bangs. So was there actually fireworks going off or was is all just an illusion?

Ryback never had pyro.  WWE would ignite an explosive backstage in a big metal drum to create the noise effect.  Live, there was no pyro effect.

I'm curious as to why the WWE wouldn't broadcast the Mae Young Classic live on the network instead of taping it and airing it at a later date. To me, it takes away from the show as there will be plenty of spoilers out there. I understand you can choose to not read the spoilers but, I guess for me, something like this seems like it should have that live feel. Your thoughts?

They are experimenting with different ways to produce and deliver content to WWE Network subscribers, nothing more.

Why does Vince  debut new talent without any storyline plans in place for them? Tye Dillinger, Mike Bennett, Revival, American Alpha, Apollo Crews, etc. Even Nakamura to some degree, have all debuted over the last year or so with absolutely zero purpose. These are all incredibly talented wrestlers who could easily contribute to the show if given a real story. Why not leave them in NXT to help draw there until the writers actually have stories in line to debut someone in a meaningful way? 

If I had that answer, I'd be printing money.  I wish I knew.  It's crushing to watch talents slowly lose their momentum when they are in that situation. 

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