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By Mike Johnson on 2017-07-27 10:00:00


Paul Heyman made a comment on Raw that Samoa Joe was an 'Exiled' Samoan during their confrontation after Great Balls of Fire.  Just wondering if Paul was referencing an old storyline or some backstory of Joe's that I have never heard about.  Hard to tell with Heyman.

It wasn't an actual backstory, but something that was written to add to the story between Joe and Brock Lesnar.  Joe is not related to any of the other Samoan wrestlers that have worked for WWE in the past, so they used that as a selling point to get over the idea that he's so disliked, they want nothing to do with him.

The Hardy’s continue to slip some of the Broken verbiage and mannerisms into their promo- is this WWE just allowing them to skirt the line to create buzz without drawing the ire of Anthem and with no real intention to deliver the Broken characters. Or is their some real possibility behind the scenes that Broken characters will be allowed on WWE television?

There's a possibility if the Hardys come to an agreement with Anthem Media over the rights and usage of the characters or if they sue and win.  Whether that happens, time will tell.

Can you explain why Count Outs don't result in a title change? This is the second time in a row they have done a count out to save a title and it is kind of lame. I mean the Usos just walk away and keep their title. Alexa gets counted out and keeps her title. Why doesn't every champion just leave the ring and keep their title. It has become such a lazy booking crutch and it just lacks all logic. 

Countouts don't result in a title change so that the companies have a way out of doing a finish if they book themselves into a corner.  From a storyline standpoint, the reason that not every champion walks out is that some of them want to defend the belt with honor.  It's one of those plot devices that has been utilized far too much in pro wrestling.  That I will agree with you on.

To follow up on a question you were asked about WWE doing a more adult themed wrestling show.  They did Camp WWE, so programming aimed at a more adult audience shouldn't be outside the realm of possibility should it?

The difference is that was an animated series for their subscribers and was hardly a blip on the radar of the content they produce.  A live wrestling brand would not be.  I don't see WWE putting together a more adult-themed violent, sexual wrestling show because their advertisers could have an issue with it.  The company has repeatedly presented itself as a safe space for advertisers and they aren't going to rock that boat with something that could be used against them.  

Why is every pyro gone from WWE? Nobody, not even Brock Lesnar, gets any pyro, which I find very underwhelming.

Financial cutbacks.

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