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By Mike Johnson on 2017-07-28 10:00:00


I realize this isn't happening anytime soon but say RAW moves back to a two hour show. Would they want to go 8-10pm to 9-11pm? I know the rating typically are lower in the third hour but that could change with people not being burnt out from the first two hours. Then again, their PG-style approach would make it seem that going 8-10pm would be better for their target audience.

I don't think we are looking at Raw going to a two hour version anytime soon, but if it happened, my guess is they would air 8-10 PM Eastern as the 8 PM hour has become extremely strong for the company, numbers-wise.

Whatever happened to Billy Kidman?

Kidman works behind the scenes as a Producer for WWE, with duties that include timing out the live tapings so that WWE isn't running overtime.

Where has JoJo been?  She hasn't done any backstage RAW interviews nor has she been active on social media since June 5th. Does any of this have anything to do with the Bray Wyatt situation?

As of this writing, she is under contract to WWE.  She was on TV a week ago.  It's entirely logical to infer she's taking a step back from the public spotlight on social media due to the Wyatt situation, where his estranged wife has publicly claimed that Wyatt and Jojo were having an affair, but we don't have any actual concrete proof of that leading to her stepping into the shadows.

I've been watching the Stanley Cup playoffs this year and I've noticed the Nashville Predators home games use a ridiculous amount of wrestling theme music. Mainly from. WWE and NXT. I know some teams in any sports have used a wrestling tune at games but I've never seen it happen through out the night on so many games. Is there some reason behind? Did WWE make some arrangement or is it just a case of the team owners are wrestling fans?

Someone within the team is a fan, nothing more.  They would not have to get WWE's permission to use the music, especially since WWE would feel the usage helps legitimize them.

So I just listened to Jim Cornette's challenge to Vince While part of me came close to feeling uncomfortable and the other part wants to see this apparent death match take place, what I'm most interested in, realistically, is the unaired footage from the Table For 3 special. WWE must have a ton of great unaired, unedited footage when filming for shows and documentaries like this. Could you see WWE coming out with a series that is almost like the thousands of shoot interviews out there of these interviews?

WWE has a ridiculous amount of content sitting in their archives.  While it's possible we may one day see more of the material that wasn't used in the finalized versions of WWE Network series, it likely isn't a priority, so I wouldn't hold your breath on it.

Is there really a point to bringing Paige back anymore? I mean I know the Rock has that movie about her life coming out but is that really worth it? I mean between all the scandals (sex tape, 2 suspensions, airport incident, showing up at GFW) and the fact that the women's division is actually full of quality wrestlers (so she doesn't stand out as much anymore) it seems that she is more a liability than a commodity

As long as WWE believes they can make money with her, they will bring her back in the end.  If they feel she is no longer an asset they can monetize, her run with end.  It's in their best interest to have her around, at least through the release of the WWE Studios film based on her family's life.  If she ends up charged with domestic assault battery, that obviously is going to change that, however.  If she isn't, all signs are she was set and ready to return by August.  We will see if that happens.

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