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By Dave Scherer on 2017-07-26 10:00:00

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What is the deal with Mickie James? She is not involved in any of the major women's storylines, and she is barely ever seen. I would think that WWE would want to take more advantage of her than they are.

She has been working as the guest ref on house shows.  She was brought in as a veteran, guidance and teaching presence.  She is great in that role.  She turns 38 years old next month so you can really only expect so much out of how they will use her.

I have seen this guy named Jeremy attacking you on Facebook and Twitter.  I saw him saying that he hates the site and you aren’t credible, then say he listens to all of your audios, which he gets from a friend.  Do you know the guy?  In addition to being a thief, is he also a lunatic?

I have no idea who the guy is or why he hates us.  I was only made aware of him recently.  I don’t know, maybe he doesn’t have any friends or is looking for attention.  I always have to just laugh at people that say we suck and yet listen to everything we say.  There is definitely a real “special” quality there.  

Is Jason Jordan really Kurt Angle's so....Just kidding. 

Man, you are not alone.  You were kidding.  A lot of people were serious.  But no, he is not for those that wondered.

My question is about tag teams in WWE at the moment. Why do they seem to be breaking them all up? First the Golden Truth, then Enzo and Cass, now American alpha, and from the looks of it soon the Hype Bros. Tag team wrestling seemed to be on the rise, but now they are just demolishing what NXT made popular again.

There are different reasons.  Goldust and Truth was a short term thing and when they are done they can help with younger guys.  Enzo and Cass?  Well, they see Cass as a potential star so that was just a matter of time.  With Zack and Mojo, well Zack has been there a decade and Mojo is big so it could be similar.  American Alpha?  Well that one was bad.  They were a great team and never got a chance but at the end of the day, the main roster is about making singles stars under Vince McMahon so if he sees one of them as someone he can push, he will.

People were actually chanting for Roman during the segment with Ambrose/Rollins/Miz on RAW.  If creative isn't going to pull the trigger and turn Roman full heel, do you think a full-fledged Shield reunion would be the way to go for Roman in order to satisfy the fans who constantly boo him?

That was so funny, cheering for him then only to boo him later.  As I said above, WWE is about singles guys.  At this point, all three have been guys at the top of the card so I don’t see Vince wanting to put them back in a group together.  And I don’t see any reason to turn Ambrose or Rollins at this time either.  So, I say nope to that.

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