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By Dave Scherer on 2017-07-25 10:00:00

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I've been watching some of Undertaker's promos and such when he was doing the American Badass character. My question is, With the 'support' shirts he wore on the shows (mostly were for the Hell Angels Motorcycle Club as 'club 81' is what they're also known by) Did anyone from the WWE ask for or pay for the right to use their shirts on the shows? The HAMC do have a patent on their name and symbol and have sued people (or worse) for using their material or name without permission.

I don’t recall every hearing anything about that.  Nada.

I was at the Raw after Wrestlemania in Orlando this year (my first ever live episode as well). One thing that keeps bothering me is before she made her return Emma’s titantron video kept flashing up (at least 5 or 6 times). Is this something WWE does regularly? I guess they where testing it out, but why do it a further 5 times. I thought it was odd. Although she got a big pop, it may have been a sarcastic pop.

They have definitely done that in the past.  I heard about a similar incident with Jason Jordan on Monday.  It makes no sense to me.  That stuff should be practiced before the doors are opened.

Two questions about WWE booking. Firstly, on Smackdown why is there at least 3 superstars playing the same gimmick. Kevin Owens, Rusev and Jinder Mahal (and technically The Singh Brothers) are all playing essentially the same Un-American character that pretty much every foreign heel in WWE has played. Is this the longest example of laziness in WWE booking history?

I wish I had an answer.  You are right.  There is definitely an over reliance on the anti American view on Smackdown.  Vince has always loved that storyline, but it’s definitely overkill right now.

At the Royal Rumble we had a 6 Woman Tag, a Fatal Four Way and 6 pack challenge at Wrestlemania, Backlash had 6 Woman Tag (again), Money in the Bank another 6 woman match, Battleground has a 5 way booked and Summerslam looks to have another 4 Way. Then any none multi-woman match at a PPV has either been a short match (only 3 have gone more then 10 minutes) or had a screwy finish. Again on Raw and Smackdown there always seems to be a multi woman match. So my question is, has the Womens Evolution died in WWE, not through the fault of the wrestlers but the laziness of the bookers?

It definitely has been overkill but in their defense, they are trying to get over all of the women and putting them on equal footing (in theory).  On Smackdown, Charlotte seemed like she was better than the rest, so I get trying to make them equal but it has gotten a bit ridiculous.

And as follow up, which do you believe is a bigger case of lazy booking, the same character running through the male division or the entire booking of the Women’s division?

Definitely pushing one guy as Superman is worse.  As I said above, at least the goal with the women is to try and elevate them.  When you book a Superman, it only elevates one person.

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